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When I Get You Alone

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M.C. Richardson (USA) & Eugene Walls (USA) - March 2019
When I Get You Alone (Glee Cast Version) - Glee Cast : (Album: Gleem The Music Presents The Warblers - Bonus Track Version)
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Intro – approximately 24 Counts (4 counts after drums start)
Restart: On wall 2 and wall 6, dance 22 counts and restart
Tag: After walls 3 and wall 7, 2 count tag
Sequence: 32-22-32-Tag-32-32-22-32-Tag-32

[1-8] BackX2, Behind/Side/Cross, PressX2, ¼ Turn X2
1-2Walk backwards R, Walk L sweeping R from front to back
3&4Step R behind L, Step L to left side, Step R cross L
5-6Press L out to left side turning body ¼ left, Press R to right side turning body back forward
7Step L forward turning ¼ left [9:00]
8Step R backward turning ¼ left [6:00]
[9-16] Sailor ¼ Turn, Hitch X2, Quarter/Cross, Point/Cross
1&2Step L behind R turning ¼ left, Step R to right side, Big step L forward [3:00]
3-4Hitch R forward twice with 2nd hitch higher than first
5-6Step R to right side turning ¼ right, Cross L over R [6:00]
7-8Point R to right side, Cross R over L

[17-24] Walk Around, Walk X2, Mambo, ½ Turn X2
1-2Walk ¾ to left (LR) [9:00]
3-4Walk forward L, Walk forward R
5&6Rock L forward, Recover R, Step L back
*** RESTART HERE ON WALL 2 AND WALL 6 (Starts on 9:00 and ends on 6:00 for both Restarts) ***
7Step R forward turning ½ right [3:00]
8Step L backward turning ½ right [9:00]

[25-32] Triple ½ Turn, Heel Grind ½ Turn, Step/Lock/StepX2, Step
1&2Triple (RLR) ½ turn right [3:00]
3-4Step L heel forward, On L heel turn ½ left stepping back on R [9:00]
5&6Step L backward, Lock R in front of L, Step L backward
&7&Step R backward, Lock L in front of R, Step R backward
8Step L backward

TAG: 2 COUNTS AFTER WALL 3 AND WALL 7 (facing 3:00 both times)
[1-2] Out/Out
1-2Step R out, Step L out

M.C. Richardson –
Eugene Walls –


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