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When Love Comes Around AB

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Absolute Beginner
Candy Turner & Judy Baldak - September 2019
When Love Comes Around - Alan Jackson
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#32 ct intro, weight on LF; No Tags, No Restarts

Section 1: Vine right touch, vine left ¼ turn touch
1-4Step RF side R(1), LF behind RF(2), RF side R(3), LF touch next to RF(4)
5-8Step LF side L(5), RF behind LF(6), make ¼ turn left stepping LF forward(7), RF touch next to LF(8)

Section 2: K Step
1-4Step RF diagonally forward(1), Touch LF beside R(2), Step LF diagonally back home(3), touch RF next to LF(4)
5-8Step RF diagonally back(5), touch LF next to RF(6), Step LF forward to home(7), touch RF next to LF(8)

Section 3: Step, lock, step R & L
1-4Step RF forward(1), step LF behind RF(2), Step RF forward(3), Brush LF forward(4)
5-8Step LF forward(1), step RF behind LF(2), Step LF forward(3), touch RF next to LF(4)

Section 4: Back touches
1-4step RF back at a diagonal(1), touch LF next to RF(2), Step LF back at a diagonal(3), Touch RF next to LF(4)
5-6step RF back at a diagonal(5), touch LF next to RF(6), Step LF back at a diagonal(7), Touch RF next to LF(8)

Begin again! Happy dancing!!!

Contact: Judy Baldak


Jazzbox December 2, 2019
Very similar to She's A Fool by Betty Moses It starts with the lock steps and step touches going backwards, and ends with vine, vine turn 1/4 and K-Step.

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