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When the Dam Breaks
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Intermediate waltz
Donna Manning – April 2018
Cry Pretty by Carrie Underwood
#12 count intro

S1. Full Turn Monterey W/ Ronde
1-2-3Step R fwrd, point L to L side (both arms out to sides with R side of upper body slightly back – torque)
4, 5-6Starting from the head…bringing arms in to chest -turn ¾ L bringing L underneath center transferring weight to L but staying on the front of the foot (3:00), continuing another ¼ turn L on the ball of the L allow the R to sweep back to across the front of you (12:00

S2. Cross, ¼ Turn, Step Back, Settle
1,2,3Cross R over L, on the ball of the R ¼ turn R step back on L, step R back (3:00)
These next 3 counts will leave room for your feeling of the music
4, 5-6Step L back(3:00) for 5-6 options I danced….
*Settle back into L hip and pause – use your L arm to continue flow of movement
*If you allow your body to turn back to the front you can lunge on the L coming back up on 6 making sure you go back to 3:00
RESTART HERE: Start wall 4 facing 9:00 after count 12 you’ll be facing 12:00 perfect position to start over

S3. Step, Attitude (lift), Collect, ½ Turn, Change Weight
1-2-3Step R fwrd, lift L extended leg (toes extended heel to inside line) – lower L to center (3:00)
4,5,6Continuing the leg movement-take weight to ball of L slightly behind the body. Use the whole count to take weight and make a ½ turn over the L shoulder (9:00), Close R to L and take weight, step step L slightly back

S4. Step, Ronde, ¼ L Sailor Step
1-2-3Step R back, sweep L front towards the back
4,5,6continue the sweep close to supporting leg to facilitate L behind R making the ¼ turn L on the ball of the L (6:00), small step R with R, step L slightly fwrd (6:00)

S5. Step, Spiral, Step, Touch, Pause
1,2-3Step R fwrd, on the ball of R full turn L allowing L to wrap around R ankle (or flow low to floor)
4,5-6step out of spiral on L slightly frwd (6:00), touch ball of R next to L heel bending both knees, pause through 6

S6. Step and Sway R, repeat L
1-2-3Sway to R as you step R to R side (use arms as you are comfortable) – collect L next to R DON’T change weight
4-5-6Sway to L as you step L to L side (use your arms) – you can collect R next to L to prepare for next section

S7. ¼ Turn R Balance, ½ Turn R Balance
1-2,3Step R to R side but on the ball of the R allow ¼ turn to R to happen DURING the count NOT turn then step, step down on L next to R (9:00), change weight to R
4-5,6Step L back starting ½ turn R on the ball of L- DURING ½ turn – bring R to L changing weight to FINISH ½ turn (3:00), step L fwrd

S8. R fwrd Balance, Step Back, ½ Turn, ½ Turn
1,2,3Step R fwrd, close L to R, change weight to R
4-5,6Step L back at slight angle back L diagonal facilitate about ¼ turn R (6:00), continue turning R ¼ stepping R slightly fwrd (9:00), NOW using the WHOLE 6th beat – step L fwrd and on the ball of the L make ½ turn R (9:00) let R leg trail behind you for styling

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