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When The Sun Goes Down

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Peter Jones (UK) & Anna Lockwood (UK) - October 2018
Never Comin Down - Keith Urban : (Album: Graffiti U)
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#16 count intro on vocals.

S1: Walk R, L, Mambo Step, Coaster Step, Step, Pivot ½.
1-2Walk Forward R, L.
3&4Rock Forward On R, Recover On L, Step Back On R.
5&6Step Back On L, Step R Next To L, Step Forward On L.
7-8Step Forward On R, Pivot ½ L On L.
Restart here on wall 6 (Facing 9:00)
S2: Lock Step, Shuffle, Jazz Box.
1&2Step R To R Diagonal, Lock L Behind R, Step Forward On R.
3&4Turn 3/8 L Stepping Forward On L, Step R Next To L, Step Forward On L.
5-6-7-8Cross R Over L, Step Back On L, Step R To R Side, Step forward On L.
Restart here on wall 2 (Facing 6:00) & wall 10 (Facing 9:00)
S3: Hip Bumps x 2, Mambo ¼, Cross, Back.
1&2Step R Forward Bumping Hips Forward, Back, Forward.
3&4Step L Forward Bumping Hips Forward, Back, Forward.
Restart here on wall 4 (Facing 12:00)
5&6Rock Forward On R, Recover On L, Turn ¼ R Stepping R To R Side.
7-8Cross L Over R, Step Back On R.
S4: Coaster Step, Shuffle ½ x 2, Step, Pivot ¼.
1&2Step Back On L, Step R Next To L, Step Forward On L.
3&4Turn ½ L Stepping Back On R, Step L Next To R, Step Back On R.
5&6Turn ½ L Stepping Forward On L, Step R Next To L, Step Forward On L.
7-8Step Forward Onto R, Pivot ¼ L Onto L.


CeeCee December 8, 2018
This dance was perfect for our group. Karl's dance was just a little too much for our little dance group. Almost didn't look at this because there was no video, but glad I took the time to read the step sheet. Very nice! The restarts are easy to hear and are what makes this dance fit perfectly!!
When Keith sings the chorus, I like to clap on the first two movements of the coaster step in section 1 (5&). Thanks for a great little dance!! Any chance for a video?

joje July 4, 2019
We love this dance, but for some reason we cannot have it come out as a 4 wall dance. We hear the restarts, but never seem to be on the correct wall as indicated on the step sheet. In the second set S2 is there a turn missing from the step sheet? It says to do a 3/8 left shuffle, which is almost a full half turn -- so is this a turn? Also, in S4, is the first shuffle turn to the Right and not the left? Please, I hope someone can let me know. Or does anyone know how to contact the choreographers?

CeeCee July 4, 2019
joje - This isn't my dance, but we pretty much follow the step sheet. So, on Wall 1 at the end of S1, you are facing 6:00. S2: Since the first Step, Lock, Step is on the right diagonal, a 3/8 turn L for the 2nd Step, Lock, Step takes you to 3:00 and S2 ends on 3:00. S3 has a 1/4 turn right which takes you to 6:00. S4 has two turning shuffles, each turning left, you are still facing 6:00. The step, 1/4 pivot left for the final 2 counts of the dance has you ending at 3:00 ready to start Wall 2. Are you starting Wall 2 facing 3:00? Here is the position we start each wall: Wall 1 - 12:00; Wall 2 - 3:00; Wall 3 - 6:00 (you've restarted after 16 counts on Wall 2); Wall 4 - 9:00; Wall 5 - 12:00 (you've restarted after 20 counts on Wall 4); Wall 6 - 3:00; Wall 7 - 9:00 (you've restarted after only 8 counts on Wall 6); Wall 8 - 12:00; Wall 9 - 3:00; Wall 10 - 6:00; Wall 11 - 9:00 (you've restarted after 16 counts on Wall 10). I hope I have typed this accurately. Once we learned Wall 1, we could hear the restarts and were always facing where the step sheet said for the restarts, so I never really paid attention to where we were at for the rest of the dance. Hope this helps!

joje July 4, 2019
Thanks CeeCee. You are correct and we eventually figured this out. I think our problem was that the summary line for S2 says Lock step, shuffle, Jazz and never mentions a turn. we finally figured out that to be a 4 wall dance there had to be a turn in S2. thanks again.

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