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When We Were Us

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Improver / Intermediate
Peter Davenport (ES) - May 2020
We Were Us (feat. Miranda Lambert) - Keith Urban
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#16 Count Intro, Length of track 3.25, Start on Miranda´s vocals

S1: Side Rock 1/4 L, Coaster Step, Jazz Box
1.2Rock L out to L, Recover R making 1/4 L step back R (rock turn weight R) 9
3&4L coaster step, Step L back, Bring R to L, Step L forward 9
5.6Cross R over L, Step L back 9
7.8Step R to R, Cross L over R 9

S2: Kick & Point, Kick & Point, Monterey 1/2 R, Twist 1/4 L, Twist 1/4 R
1&2Kick R forward, Bring R to L, Point L out to L 9
3&4Kick L forward, Bring L to R, Point R out to R (prep for 1/2 Monterey) 9
5.61/2 R bring R to L, Point L slightly to L (turn point) 3
7.8Twist 1/4 L, Twist 1/4 R ( weight ends on L) 3
*W/3 Restart + C/O/S **see below

S3: Heel Grind 1/4 R, R Coaster Step, Step Kick, Touch Back 1/4 R
1.2Slight step forward R dig & twist R heel making 1/4 R, Step back on L 6
3&4Reverse R coaster step 6
5.6Step L forward, Kick R foot forward 6
7.8Touch R toe back, Unwind 1/4 R (touch turn transfer weight on L) 9

S4: R Sailor Step, 1/4 L Sailor Step, Cross Back 1/4 R, & Prissy Walk L.R
1&2R sailor step 9
3&41/4 L sailor step 6
5.6&Cross R over L, 1/4 R step back on L, Step R to R 9
7.8Prissy walk forward L.R 9

*Restart W/3
Dance up to and including count 7. on section 2, on count 8 transfer the weigh to the R foot. Restart the dance facing 9 O´clock

Back in 2015, I did choreograph a dance to this track, but never included a Walk Through or Dance Through so it struggled to be noticed, this is a different dance, same music, hope its better for you this time, great track from Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert, Energetic I think. Regards Peter.



Berrowskid May 19, 2020
Lovely dance. Will look forward to doing it on a regular basis. May 19, 2020
Big Big Thank you to LionDancer & Lizzy for doing a superb Walk Through & Dancer Through, LineDancer, I just love how you angle the video recording as the dance is coming to the end, so so good thank you.

LionDancer May 19, 2020
Thank you! Fun to dance and perfect for the music.

Jules May 19, 2020
Another cracking dance Peter unusual combination of steps fits the music beautifully x May 19, 2020
Thank you June's, and thank you for viewing. May 19, 2020

Edorr May 20, 2020
Another great dance Peter, thankyou x May 20, 2020
& Thank you too Edorr for your kind comment.

linda LITTLEWOOD May 21, 2020
Another nice one Mr D xxx May 21, 2020
Well thank you Mrs L xxx

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