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Where I Come From

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Karolina Ullenstav and Jonas Andreasson (May 2017)
Alan Jackson - "Where I Come From" - BPM 124
Intro: 40 counts,

Section 1: RF forward, 5 heel taps, LF forward, 3 heel taps
1RF fwd and heel tap
2RF heel tap
3RF heel tap
4RF heel tap
5RF heel tap
6LF fwd and heel tap
7LF heel tap
8LF heel tap

Section 2: RF rock step fwd and back, steps fwd with scuffs RF and LF
1RF rock step fwd
2RF recover
3RF rock step back
4RF recover
5RF step fwd
6LF scuff
7LF step fwd
8RF scuff

Section 3: Steps right and left with claps, turn 1/4 left , steps right and left with claps
1RF step right
2LF touch beside RF and clap
3LF step left
4RF touch beside LF and clap
5Turn ¼ left and step RF right (facing 9.00)
6LF touch beside RF and clap
7LF step left
8RF touch beside LF and clap

Section 4: Step right, cross step right, step right, turn ¼ left and put left heel forward, turn ¾ left
1RF step right
2LF cross over RF
3RF step right
4Turn ¼ left and put LF heel fwd (facing 6.00)
5Step LF fwd
6Turn ½ left and step RF back (facing 12.00)
7Turn ¼ left and step LF left (facing 9.00)
8RF touch beside LF

#3 Restarts after 8 counts in walls 3, 7 and 11

Have Fun!



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