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Absolute Beginner
Sharon Fromow (CAN), Rob Fowler (ES) & I.C.E. (ES) - May 2021
Whiplash - MercyMe : (Album: inhale (exhale))
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Intro: 2 counts (approx. 1 sec) - Start on vocals

S1 Walk Forward R,L,R, Kick L, Walk Back L,R,L, Point R
1,2,3,4Walk forward stepping Right, Left, Right, kick Left forward
(Option: raise hands as you walk forward)
5,6,7,8Walk back Left, Right, Left, point Right to right side
(Option for count 8: click both fingers over shoulders) 12:00
S2 Step R, Touch L, Back L, Touch R, Step R, Point L, Step L, Point R
1,2Step forward Right, touch Left behind Right (rolling hands forward)
3,4Step back Left, touch Right in front of Left (rolling hands backward)
5,6Step forward Right, point Left to left side
7,8Step forward Left, point Right to right side 12:00
S3 Jazz Box ¼ R with Touch, Side L, Together, Swivel Heels R, L
1,2Cross Right over Left, step back on Left turning ¼ right 3:00
3,4Step Right to right side, touch Left beside Right
5,6Step Left to left side, step Right beside Left
7,8Swivel both heels right, swivel both heels left (back to centre - weight on Left)
S4 Side R, Together, Swivel Heels L, R, Side L, Bump Hip L, R, L with Hitch
1,2Step Right to right side, step Left beside Right
3,4Swivel both heels left, swivel both heels right (back to centre - weight on Right)
5,6Step Left to left side, bump Left hip to left side
7,8Bump Right hip to right side, bump Left hip to left side and hitch Right knee 3:00
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Di2Quilt September 25, 2021
Please note that my video starts at the 2nd section due to while filming I'm an one person operation. Thanks to Ms. Fromow for her permission to upload this version of her choreography.

peanuts October 16, 2021
The videos are all off.. one second then start
.. they are counting 2 to start?? Confusing

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