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Whiskey Bridges

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Absolute Beginner
Maddison Glover (AUS) - January 2018
Whiskey Under the Bridge - Brooks & Dunn : (2:53)
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Dance begins after 16 counts.

Fwd, Scuff, Brush, Scuff, Fwd, Scuff, Brush, Scuff
1,2,3,4Step fwd on R, scuff L heel fwd, brush L toe back/across R, scuff L heel fwd
5,6,7,8Step fwd on L, scuff R heel fwd, brush R toe back/across L, scuff R heel fwd

Fwd, Kick, Back, Touch Together, Fwd, Kick, Back, Touch Together
1,2,3,4Step R fwd, kick L fwd, step back on L, touch R beside L
5,6,7,8Step R fwd, kick L fwd, step back on L, touch R beside L

Weave, Scissor – Side, Together, Cross Toe/Heel
1,2,3,4Step R to R side, cross L behind R, step R to R side, cross L over R
5,6,7,8Step R to R side, step L together, cross R toe over L, lower heel to the ground

Weave, Side Rock/ Recover ¼, Fwd Toe/Heel
1,2,3,4Step L to L side, cross R behind L, step L to L side, cross R over L
5,6Rock L to L side, recover weight fwd onto R as you make ¼ turn R
7,8Touch L toe fwd, lower heel to the ground


This dance originally was choreographed for my beginner classes as I am a HUGE Brooks &Dunn Fan. - Mobile: +61430346939


Urs March 10, 2018
Maddison you are absolutely great, greetings from Switzerland

Nori November 1, 2018
Nice demo video from the inventor. I like it but I find difficult standing with one leg for few steps at the beginning.

Pony Chen November 14, 2018

Too much fun November 23, 2018
I like this dance, is there any other songs that will go with this dance?

cockersparrow December 2, 2020
All I can say is Auatralians have fantastic ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS - this is a high Beginner or even easy Improver dance, far to hard for oldies over 60 as most could not move that fast LOL - but a nice dance tom the better dancers !!

Diane Ellis December 12, 2020
Other good songs for this dance: Love Shack - B 52s; All About The Bass - Meghan Trainor; No One Needs To Know - Shania Twain; Talking In Your Sleep - The Romantics

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