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White Goose

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High Beginner
Chris Cleevely (UK) - January 2019
White Goose - Six Market Blvd. : (Album: Shake It Down - iTunes)
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Start on vocals.

SECTION 1 (Counts 1-8) Hip Bumps R/L/R; Rock Back, Recover; ½ Shuffle Right; Rock Back, Recover
1 & 2Bump hips to the side R/L/R
3 - 4Rock back on L, recover weight on R
5 & 6Making ½ turn R, shuffle L/R/L (6 o’clock)
7 - 8Rock back on R, recover weight on L

SECTION 2 (Counts 9-16) 2 x R Kick Ball Change; Walk Forward R/L; 1 x R Kick Ball Change
1 & 2Kick R forward, touch ball of R, step weight in place on L
3 & 4Kick R forward, touch ball of R, step weight in place on L
5 - 6Walk forward, R, walk forward L
7 & 8Kick R forward, touch ball of R, step weight in place on L

SECTION 3 (Counts 17-24) Rock Forward, Recover; ¼ R Chasse; Cross, Side, Behind & Point
1 - 2Rock forward on R, recover weight on L
3 & 4Making ¼ turn R chasse R/L/R (9 o’clock)
5 - 6Cross L over R, step R to R side
7 - 8Cross L behind R, point R toe to R side

SECTION 4 (Counts 25-32) Cross, Side, Behind, ¼ L; Step ¼ Left; Stomp R/L
1 - 2Cross R over L, step L to L side
3 - 4Cross R behind L, making ¼ turn L step forward on L (6 o’clock)
5 - 6Step forward on R, pivot ¼ turn L (weight on L) (3 o’clock)
7 - 8Stomp R in place, stomp L in place.

(Try the dance to other 32 count tracks, eg Groovy Love.)



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