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White Lines

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Easy Intermediate
Astrid Romy Diener (CH) - May 2020
White Lines - Wintershome
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Introduction: 32 Counts. Start before vocal.

S1: Point Cross, Point Cross, Rock Recover, Shuffle Back with ½ Turn r
1-2RF point to the right, RF cross over LF
3-4LF point to the left, LF cross over RF
5-6RF step forward, weight back to LF
7&8¼ right turn with RF, LF to RF, ¼ right turn with RF (06:00)

S2: Full turn r, Rock Recover, Hitch & Sweep Back l & r
1-2½ turn to the right with LF back, ½ to right with RF forward
3-4LF step forward, weight back on RF
5-6LF Hitch, sweep and step behind RF
7-8RF Hitch, sweep and step behind LF
*Wall 6 : replaces Count 8 with RF touch r beside LF

S3 : Side Rock Cross, Hold, Monterey Turn with ¼ r
1-4Rock LF to the left, weight back to RF, cross LF over RF, hold
5-8Point RF to right, make a ¼ turn closing RF net to LF, Point LF to left, close LF next to RF (09:00)

S4 : Rock Recover, Back, Hold, Coaster Step, Touch
1-4RF step forward, weight back to LF, close RF back to LF, hold
5-8Back on LF, close RF to LF, Forward on RF, touch RF beside LF

TAG: During wall 6, after count 16, facing 03:00, male voice starts.
The Tag is danced twice. Restart afterwards.
S1: Grapevine r with Touch, ¼ l Toe Strut , ¼ l Side Step, Touch
1-4RF to the right, LF behind RF, RF to the right, LF touch beside RF
5-6¼ turn to the left, touch left toes, lower heel to the ground
7-8¼ turn to the left, RF to the right, touch LF beside RF (09:00)

S2: Grapevine l with Touch, ¼ r Toe Strut , ¼ r Side Step, Touch
1-4LF to the left, RF behind LF, LF to the left, RF touch beside LF
5-6¼ turn to the right, touch right toes, lower heel to the ground
7-8¼ turn to the right, LF to right, touch RF beside of LF (03:00)

S3: Step Lock Step r, Hold, Step Lock Step l, Hold
1-4Step forward on RF, lock LF behind RF, step forward on RF, hold
5-8Step forward on LF, lock RF behind LF, step forward on LF, hold

S4: Step, Pivot ½ l, Step, Hold, Step, Pivot ½ r, Step, Touch
1-4Step forward on RF, pivot ½ turn left, step forward on RF, hold
5-8Step forward on LF, pivot ½ turn right, step forward on LF, touch RF beside LF

Ending: Wall 12, after count 12, facing 03:00:
1-2LF Hitch with ¼ left turn, step LF to left, touch RF beside of LF (12:00)

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