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Scott Blevins (USA)
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1-2Step right foot forward with toe turned out and inside of ankle facing forward, step left foot forward
3&4Step right foot forward, pivot ½ turn left, make ½ turn left bringing feet together and taking weight on to right foot (12:00) while reaching left arm to the ceiling
5&6Cross body rock left foot in front of right foot, recover to right foot while bringing left knee up and in front of right thigh while looking to your right with right hand in front of face, touch left foot to left side
&7&8Keeping weight on right foot, bump hips twice to left using a scooping motion (lower into right leg on &, bump up at an angle (U shape) to left, repeat
1-2Step left foot to left side, touch right foot across and behind left foot
3-4Unwind 1 full turn to the right taking weight on right foot, step left foot across and in front of right foot (12:00)
5-6Step right foot to right side angling slightly left, sit into right hip while reaching right arm out to right side and down, snapping fingers
7&8Step left foot to left side angling slightly right, put both arms out to side at shoulder height, bending upper body (chest and above) forward and looking down, snap upper body and head up
1&2Triple forward on a slight diagonal right - right, left, right
3&4(Lowering into right knee) bring left knee toward and in front of right knee bending forward at waist (chest facing floor), touch left foot to left side while rotating left and leaning back at waist so that chest faces ceiling, move body over left foot and stand up
5-6Step right foot forward, pivot ¾ turn to the left (3:00)
&7Make a ¼ turn to the left stepping back on to the ball of the right foot, scissor step left across and in front of right foot (12:00)
8Make a ¼ turn right, stepping forward on right foot (3:00)
1&2Make 1 ½ turn to the right doing a triple step left, right, left (9:00)
3&4Rock back on right foot, recover onto left foot, step forward right
5&6Rock forward on left foot, recover onto right foot, step back on left
&7Step right foot next to left foot, step forward on left foot
8Make ½ turn to left, keeping weight on left foot (3:00)



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