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Whole New Thang
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Rob Fowler (Feb 2011)
Whole New Thang, by Cat Beach
Intro – 8 counts on the word “Alone”.

Phrasing – 48, 32, 48, 32, 48, 32, 48, 32

Walk, Walk, Triple Step. ( Anchor Step), ½, ¼, Sailor Step.
1 - 2Walk forward Right, Left.
3&4Step Right behind Left, step Left in place, step Right back.
5 - 6Make a ½ turn Left stepping forward on Left, make a ¼ turn Left stepping Right to side.
7&8Step Left behind Right, step Right to side, step Left diagonally fwd ( facing 1:30).

Slow Skates x2, Fast Skates x2, Step, Pivot.
1 - 2Skate forward on Right, HOLD. (facing 3o' clock)
3 - 4Make a ½ turn Left skating forward on Left, HOLD. ( facing 9 o'clock)
5 - 6Skate forward Right, Left.
7 - 8Step Right forward, Pivot ½ turn Left ( weight on Left).
(Note – Try to think of counts 1 – 4 as a slow smooth movement skating through the holds).

Step Back ½ turn, Drag, Out Out, Clap Hip Bumps x3 Hitch.
1 – 2Make a ½ turn Left stepping long step back on Right, drag Left to Right.
&3 – 4Jump back Left, Right, Clap.
5 - 8Bump Hips L,R,L Hitch.

Ball Cross, Side, Coaster ¼ Turn, Full Monterey Turn, Toe Switches.
& 1 – 2Step Right to Right side, cross Left over Right, step Right to Right side.
3&4Step Left back making a ¼ turn Left, step Right beside Left, step Left forward.
5 - 6Point Right to Right side, full turn Right on ball of Left foot, close Right beside Left.
7&8&Point Left to Left side, step Left in place, point Right to Right side, step Right in place.

Point & Heel, & Heel & Brush, & Step, Lock Behind, Unwind ¾ Turn, Jumps forward & Back.
1&2Point Left to Left side, step Left in place, touch Right heel forward.
&3&4Step Right in place, touch Left heel forward, step Left in place, brush Right heel forward.
& 5 – 6Step Right forward, lock Left behind Right, unwind ¾ turn Left ( facing 9 o'clock)
&7&8Small jump forward Right, Left, small jump back Right, Left.

Heel Jack, Ball Cross, ¼ Turn, Sailor ¼ Turn, Step, Pivot.
1&2Cross Right over Left, step Left to side, touch Right heel diagonally forward.
&3 – 4Step Right in place, cross Left over Right, make a ¼ turn Left stepping back on Right.
5&6Sweep Left behind Right,making a ¼ turn Left, step Right beside Left, step Left forward.
7 – 8Step Right forward, Pivot ½ turn Left. ( weight on Left).

Begin Again.

Big Finish – The dance ends on the full monterey, you can either turn just a ½ or do a 1 & ½ turn to finish facing front!

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