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Wild Love

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Felix Casado (USA) - February 2021
Start 32 counts into the music!

Part A : 32 counts
Jazz Box RT, Sailor RT, Sailor LT
1, 2Cross RT Foot over LT, LT Foot step Back (12:00)
3, 4Step RT Foot to the side, Step LT next to RT Foot Weight on LT
5 & 6Step RT Foot behind LT, Step LT, Step RT Foot to RT side
7, 8Step LT Foot behind RT, Step RT, Step LT Foot to LT side

Rock Back RT, Shuffle Forward R-L-R, Step Slide LT, Kick Ball Step
1, 2Rock Back RT Foot, Recover, Weight on LT
3&4Shuffle RT, LT, RT
5, 6Side Step LT, Slide RT Foot Weight on LT
7 & 8Kick RT Foot, Step on Ball of RT Foot, Step LT Foot

1⁄2 Turn LT, Wizard RT, Step LT forward, 1 Beat Hold, Behind Side Cross R-L-R
1,2Step RT Foot Forward, 1⁄2 Turn to the LT
3&4Step Right foot forward; Step LT foot quickly behind right, Step Right foot quickly forward
5&6Step LT foot forward, Keep RT behind, Hold for one beat
7&8RT Behind LT Foot, LT Foot Side step, Cross RT Foot over LT Foot

Side Rock LT, 1⁄4 LT, Shuffle Back L-R-L, Rock Back RT, Full Turn Forward
1, 2LT Foot Side Rock Left, 1⁄4 Turn LT
3 & 4Shuffle Back LT, RT, LT
5&6Rock Back RT Foot, Recover Weight on LT
7&8Step 1⁄2 Turn LT, Step 1⁄2 Turn LT Weight on LT

Part B : 32 counts
Kick RT, Point LT, Kick LT, Point RT, Walk RT, Walk LT, Toe-Heel Twist, Toe-Heel Twist 1⁄4 Turn LT
1&2Kick RT Foot forward, place RT Foot down, weight on RT, point LT Foot out to the left.
3&4Kick LT Foot forward, place LT Foot down, weight on LT, point RT Foot out to the right.
5, 6Walk forward RT, Walk forward LT, Stepping together
7, 8Weight on LT Heel and Weight on RT Ball Twist to the LT, Recover, repeat with 1⁄4 turn LT

Side Rock RT, Behind Side Cross LT, Side Rock LT, Behind Side 1⁄2 Turn RT
1,2RT Foot Side Rock Right, Recover, Weight on LT Foot
3&4Cross RT Foot Behind LT Foot, Side step LT Foot, Cross RT over LT Foot
5, 6LT Foot Side Rock Left
7 & 8Cross LT Foot Behind RT Foot, Side step RT Foot, 1⁄2 Turn RT, Weight on LT Foot

Point RT Forward, Point RT Back, Point RT Side, Cross RT Behind LT, 3⁄4 Turn RT, Slide RT
1, 2Point RT Toes 12 o'clock, Point RT Toes 6 o'clock
3&4Point RT Toes 3 o'clock, Cross RT Foot Behind LT Foot
5, 6 3⁄4 Turn RT, (Weight on LT)
7, 8Side step RT Foot, Slide Left Foot next to RT (Weight on RT Foot)

Slide LT Step 1⁄2 Turn LT, Kickball Change, Step Forward RT, Slide forward LT
1, 2Side step LT Foot, Slide RT Foot next to LT (Weight on LT Foot)
3, 4Step Forward RT, 1⁄2 Turn LT
5&6Kick RT Foot, Step on Ball of RT Foot, Step LT Foot
7&8Step Forward RT Foot, Slide LT next to RT (Weight on LT)

Dance Sequence
A, B, B, 1ST Tag (Last 16 count of B), A, A, 2ND Tag (First 8 count of A), B, B, 3RD Tag (Last 16 count of B), A, A, A, A.(END)


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