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Won't Go Down
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Improver / Intermediate
TJ Tett (IRE) September 2018
Won't Go Down by Triona
#16 Count Intro

Section 1: Touch & Heel & Cross Shuffle, L Side Rock, Behind Side Cross.
1&2Touch R toe next to L, Step R to R side, Tap L Heel Forward
&3&4Step L foot Down, Cross R over L, Step L to L side, Cross R over L
5,6Rock L to L Side, Recover on R
7&8Cross L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross L over R.

Section 2: & Rock Back, 1/4 ,1/4, Step, bounce 3 counts ¼ turn R.
&1, 2Step R to R side, Rock Back on L, Recover on R
3, 41/4 turn R Stepping back on L, 1/4 turn R Stepping R to R side
5,Step L foot Forward
6,7,8Bounce 3 Counts ¼ Turn R, (Ending weight on L foot)

Section 3: Forward Rock, Coaster Step, Cross Side Rock, Cross, 1/4 turn R.
1, 2R Forward Rock, Recover on L,
3&4Step back on R, Close L beside R, Step R Foot Forward
5&6Cross L over R, Rock R to R side, Recover on L
7,8Cross R over L, 1/4 R Steeping back on L

Section 4: Back Drag, Walk R, L, Right Shuffle Forward, Left Shuffle Forward.
1, 2Step back on R, Drag L to right
&3,4Step L foot down, Walk Forward R, L
5&6Step R Forward, Close L to R, Step R forward
7&8Step L Forward, Close R to L, Step L Forward

Section 5: Pivot 1/2, 1/4 Side Close Side, L Behind 1/4, 1/4 Side close Side.
1,2Step R foot Forward, Pivot 1/2 turn Left
3&41/4 Turn R Stepping R to R side, Close L to R, Step R to R side
5,6Cross L behind R, 1/4 R, Stepping R foot Forward
7&81/4 Turn R Stepping L to L Side, Close R to L, Step L to L Side

Section 6: Right Sailor, Left Sailor, Pivot ½ Turn, R Kick Ball Change.
1&2Cross R behind L, Step L to L Side, Step R to R Side
3&4Cross L Behind R, Step R to R Side, Step L to L Side
5,6Step R foot Forward, Pivot 1/2 turn Left
7&8Kick R foot Forward, Step R foot Down, Step Weight down on L

Section 7: R Heel, L Heel, R Side Point, L Side Point, R Forward Rock & Left Forward Rock.
1&2&Tap R heel Forward, Step R foot next to L, Tap L heel Forward, Step L foot next to R
3&4&Point R to R Side, Step R foot next to L, Point L to L Side, Step L foot next to R
5,6&R forward Rock, Recover on L & (Change weight onto R foot, Stepping R foot to R side)
7,8L forward Rock, Recover on R

Section 8: L Shuffle Back, R Coaster Step, Step 1/2, 1/2 Shuffle forward L.
1&2Step L foot Back, Close R next to L, Step L foot back
3&4Step R foot Back, Close L next to R, Step R foot Forward
5,6Step L foot forward. 1/2 turn stepping back on Right,
7&81/2 turn stepping forward on L, Close R next to L, Step L foot forward

Restarts & Tags:
Restart Wall 2 – After 48 Counts
Tag Wall 5 – After 32 Counts (Rock forward on R, Recover on L, Rock Back on R, Recover on L)
Restart Wall 6 – After 16 Counts

Released at Dance Crazy Fall Festival September 2018.

Contact: Tjtett2@gmail.com / 353851365470
Last Update – 26th Sept. 2018

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