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Work From Home

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High Beginner
Gail A. Dawson & Lisa M. Johns-Grose (USA) - April 2016
Work From Home by Fifth Harmony
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#16 count intro - No Tags, No Restarts

Step, Pivot ¼, Cross, Vine, Point, Step, Point, Ball, Step,
1R ¼ turn to L step forward toward 9 o’clock wall,
2&3L pivot ¼ to R (12 o’clock), shift weight to R, L cross over R
&4&5R step to R, L step behind R, R step to R, L cross over R
6, 7R point to R, R step behind L,
8 &1L point to L, L step back on ball of foot, R step forward,

Locking Step, Rock, Recover, Back, Back, Sailor Turn 1/4
2&3L step forward, R lock behind R, L step forward
4&5R rock forward, recover on L, R step back
6, 7L step back, R step back,
8 &1L step behind R turn ¼ to L (9 o’clock), R step beside L, L step forward

Rocking Chair, Locking Step, Scuff, Stomp, Anchor Step
2&3&Rock R forward, recover back L, rock back R, recover forward L
4&5R step forward, lock L behind R, step R forward
6, 7Scuff L forward, stomp L forward
8&1Step ball of R foot behind L, step L in place, step R foot slightly back

Step, Touch, Step, Touch, Step Turn ¼, Touch, Back, Together, Walk, Walk
2&3&Step L back Diagonally, touch R next to L, step back R diagonally, touch L next to R
4&Step L ¼ L (6 o’clock), touch R next to left
5,6,7,8Step back R, step L next to R, step R forward, step L forward

Contacts: Gail A. Dawson ( & Lisa Johns-Grose (



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