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Work Hard Play Hard

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Alice Cheong - December 2013
Play Hard (feat. Ne-Yo & Akon) - David Guetta
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Sequence: AA Tag B AAA Tag B A- AA B-
Intro: 32 counts

A (32 counts)
(1-8) Walk back R,L, RF side rock cross, hinge ½ turn R, LF side rock cross
1-2Walk back RF, LF
3&4Rock RF to right, recover onto left, cross RF over LF
5-6Turn 1/4R stepping back on LF, turn 1/4R stepping RF to right (6.00)
7&8Rock LF to left, recover onto right, cross LF over RF.

(9-16) Step right, Hold, Ball step right, Step fwd LF, RF mambo fwd, touch, hitch ** (R..LF touch, step beside RF)**
1 2&3 4Step RF to right, hold, step ball of LF next to RF, step RF to right, step LF fwd
5&6Rock RF fwd, recover onto left, step RF back
7-8Touch LF to Left, Hitch LF beside right knee

(17-24) Step left, Hold, Ball step left, hold, Jazz box with RF
1 2&3 4Step LF to left, hold, step ball of RF next to LF, step LF to left, hold
5 6 7 8RF cross over LF, Lf step back, step RF to R side and touch LF beside RF

(25-32) Step back LF, Hold, Ball step back, Step back RF, Turn 1/2L, Step fwd RF, Pivot 1/2L, Touch
1 2&3 4Step back L, hold, step ball of RF next to LF, step back LF, step back RF
5-6Turn 1/2L stepping LF fwd, step RF fwd pivot 1/2L
7-8Step LF fwd, touch RF beside LF (6.00)

B (64 counts)
(1-8) 1/2R Curvy walk, 1/2R Curvy walk
1 2 3 4 1/2R curvy walk R, hold, L hold (6.00)
5 6 7 8 1/2R curvy walk R,L,R hold (12.00)

(9-16) Repeat Curvy walk to left

(17-24) Step fwd RF, Hold, Step fwd LF, Hold, RF Mambo Fwd
1 2 3 4Step RF fwd, hold, step LF fwd, hold
5 6 7 8Rock RF fwd, recover onto left, step RF back, hold

(25-32) Step LF backward, Hold, Step back RF, Hold, LF mambo backward
1 2 3 4Step LF backward, hold, step RF backward, hold
5 6 7 8Rock LF backward, recover onto Right, step LF fwd, hold

(33-40) Touch RF to right, Touch beside Left, Step right, Touch LF beside right, Touch LF to left, Touch beside right, turn 1/4L, Touch RF beside left
1 2 3 4Touch RF to right, touch RF beside LF, step RF to right, touch LF beside RF
5 6 7 8Touch LF to left, touch LF beside RF, turn 1/4L stepping LF fwd, touch RF beside LF (9.00)

(41-48) Repeat step 33-40 to face 6.00

(49-56) Repeat steps 33-40 to face 3.00

(57-64) Repeat steps 33-40 to face 12.00

TAG (4 counts) : Step RF to right, Step LF to left. Step RF back, Step LF back
For B- (count 1-32 of B) will be danced facing 12.00....
For A- dance up to 14 count, on 15, touch LF to side and 16 step LF beside RF

Enjoy and have fun!

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