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Work It

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Jo Conroy (UK) - January 2008
Work (Freemasons Remix) - Kelly Rowland
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Dance Starts: On Heavy Beat 19 seconds.

R Skate L Skate R Shuffle, L Skate R Skate Left Shuffle
1-2 Skate fwd on to Right Foot, Skate fwd On To Left Foot
3&4 Shuffle Fwd R,L R to Right Diagonal
5-6 Skate fwd on to Left Foot, Skate fwd on to Right Foot
7&8 Shuffle L,R,L to Left Diagonal (12 0`Clock)

Cross Back & Cross Side, Weave to the right & Point L Toe
1-2 Cross Step R over L, Step back On to L
&3-4 Step R to R Side,Cross L Over R, Step R to R Side
5&6 (5) Cross step L behind R, (&)Step R to R Side,(6) Cross Left over R
&7&8 (&)Step R to R Side,(7)Cross step L Behind R,(&)Step R to r Side,(8)Point L Toe to L Side
*restart here 5th wall*facing 6 0`clock

(&) R Cross Unwind 1/2 L,R Kick & Step, Hips Fwd Hips Back
&1-2 Bring L next to R, Cross L over R, Unwind 1/2 Left L(weight on L)
3&4 Kick R Foot Fwd, & Step R foot back, Step Fwd On to L, (weight on both Feet)
5&6 Bump Hips Fwd L,R,L
7&8 Bump Hips Back R,L,R (6 0`clock)

L Behind & Cross, R Rock & Cross, 3/4 Paddle Turn Right, Step L Fwd
1&2 Cross Step L behind R, Step R To R Side, Cross Step L Over R
3&4 Rock R to R Side, Step L next to R, Cross R over L
5&6 1/4 turn R touch L to L Side, Hitch L Knee, 1/4 turn R touch L to L side
&7-8 Hitch L knee, 1/4 turn R touch L to L side, Step L foot Fwd (3 0`clock)

Paddle 3/4 turn Left, Kick & Point, cross Unwind 3/4 Turn Left
1&2 1/4 Turn L touch R To R Side, Hitch R Knee, 1/4 turn L touch R to R Side
&3-4 Hitch R Knee, 1/4 turn L touch L to L side, Step R foot Fwd
5&6 Kick L foot Fwd, Step L next R, Point R toe to R side
7&8 Cross Step R over L, Unwind 3/4 turn L, step L foot Fwd (9 0`clock)
*restart here second wall*facing 12 0`oclock

R Mambo Fwd, L Mambo Back, R Side Mambo Cross, Triple 1/2 R Cross L
1&2 Rock fwd on R, Step L in place, Step R next to L
3&4 Rock Back on L, Step R in place, Step L next to R
5&6 Rock side on R, step L in place, Cross R over L
7&8 1/4 turn R step back on L, 1/4 turn R step side on R, cross L over R

R side Rock & cross, L side rock & cross, 1/4 turn L, 1/2 turn L, Shuffle fwd R,L,R
1&2 Rock side on R, Recover weight on to L, Cross step R over L
3&4 Rock side on L, Recover weight on to R, Cross step L over R
5-6 1/4 Turn L stepping back on to R,1/2 turn L stepping fwd on to L
7&8 Shuffle fwd R,L,R

L side Rock & cross, R side rock & cross, 1/4 turn R, 1/2 turn R,shuffle fwd L,RL
1&2 Rock Side on L, Recover weight on to R, cross step L over R
3&4 Rock Side on R, recover weight on to L, cross Step R over L
5-6 1/4 turn R stepping back on to L, 1/2 turn R stepping fwd on to R
7&8 Shuffle Fwd L,R,L

Have fun and enjoy


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