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Working It!

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Jerry Miller - February 2017
9-5 by Dolly Parton (has one easy Restart)
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Alternate Song: What a feeling by Irene Cara (No Tags Or Restarts)

R Heel, Heel, R Toe, Step Together, L Heel, Heel, L Toe, Step Together
1-2(1) Touch R heel forward. (2) Touch R heel forward. 12:00
3,4(3) Touch R toe back. (4) Step R beside L. 12:00
5,6(5) Touch L heel forward. (6) Touch L heel forward. 12:00
7,8(7) Touch L toe back. (8) Step R beside L. 12:00
RESTART 4th Wall Restart! - When using 9-5 by Dolly Parton.
Walk Forward R-L-R, Kick L, Walk Back L-R-L, Touch R
9,10(1) Walk forward R. (2) Walk forward L. 12:00
11, 12(3) Walk forward R. (4) Kick L forward. 12:00
13, 14(5) Step back L. (6) Step back R. 12:00
15,16(7) Step back L. (8) Touch R beside L. 12:00
Paddle L 1/2 Turn to Left, R Cross, L Side, R Behind, L Side
17-20Paddle R 1/8 to left x4 for Half turn. 06:00
21,22(5) Step R across L. (6) Step L to left side. 06:00
23,24(7) Step R behind L. (8) Step L to left side. 06:00
R 1/4 Box, Hips R twice, Hips L twice
25,26(1) Step R across L. (2) Step back onto L. 06:00
27,28(3) Step R 1/4 turn to right. (4) Step forward L. 03:00
29,30Step R to right as you bump hips two times. 03:00
31,32Bump hips to left two times. 03:00
Restart When using 9-5 by Dolly Parton, there is a restart after the first 8 counts on the 4th wall. 09:00


Last Update - 8th Feb 2017


DeeDee February 8, 2017
Great job Jerry! We will be teaching this in our area!

Wendie Smith February 8, 2017
Congratulations Jerry! Cute dance!

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