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Wrong Kind of Right

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Improver Rolling 8 count
Trine Haukø Lund (NOR) - February 2019
Wrong Kind Of Right by Rhiannon Giddens (Nashville Cast)
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Intro: 16 counts

Section 1: Backw L, hook R, fwd R, rock 1/4 R, recover R, cross L, sweep R, cross R, 1/2 R, side R, 1/8 R, rock fwd L, recover R, 1/8 L, side L, cross R, 3/8 R, sweep R, coaster step R
1Step backwards on LF, turn to 10:30 and hook RF in front of LF(1)
2&a3Turn back to 12:00 and step forward on RF(2), turn 1/4 R(3:00) and rock LF to L(&), recover on RF(a), cross LF in front of RF and sweep RF from back to front(3)
4&a5Cross RF in front of LF(4), turn 1/4 R(6:00), step LF backwards(&), turn 1/4 R(9:00), step RF to R(a), turn 1/8 R(10:30) and rock LF forward(5)
6&a7Recover on RF(6), turn 1/8 L(9:00) and step LF to L(&), cross RF in front of LF(a), step LF to L, turn 1/2 R(3:00) and sweep RF from front to back(7)
8&aKeep turning 1/8 R(4:30), step RF backwards(8), step LF next to RF(&), step RF forward(a)

Section 2: Fwd L, kick R, coaster step R, L fwd, 3/8 L, sweep R, cross R, side L, behind R, rock L, 1/4 R, fwd R, pivot 1/2 R, rock fwd L, backw R-L-R
1Step LF forward and kick RF forward, still facing 4:30(1)
2&a3Step RF backwards(2), step LF next to RF(&), step RF forward(a), step LF forward, turn 3/8 L(9:00) and sweep RF(3)
4&a5Cross RF in front of LF(4), step LF to L(&), cross RF behind LF(a), rock LF to L(5)
6&a7Turn 1/4 R(12:00), step RF forward(6), step LF forward(&), turn 1/2 R(6:00), recover on RF(a), rock LF forward(7)
8&aStep RF backwards(8), step LF backwards(&), step RF backwards(a)

If you want to make the dance more challenging, there is some turning options:

Turning option on count 6&a7 in section 2:
1+ 3/4 turn R
6&a7Turn 1/4 R(12:00), step RF forward(6), turn 1/2 R(6:00, step LF backwards(&), turn 1/2 R(12:00), step RF forward(a), turn 1/2 R(6:00), step LF backwards(7)
Note that you will end with LF backwards instead of rock forward after this turn.

Turning option on count 8&a in section 2:
Full turn L
8&aStep RF backwards(8), turn 1/2 L(12:00), step LF forward(&), turn 1/2 L(6:00), step RF backwards(a)


Pismo March 14, 2019
Lovely dance; good job.

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