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Wrong Side (P)

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Improver Stationary Partner
Kris Davis & Joe Sexton - August 2017
Wrong Side by Nic Cowan (119 BPM)
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Start on Vocals after 16 Counts, Begin with double hand hold, Lady - opposite foot work unless noted
West Coast Swing Styling – 6 Counts per set

[1-6] Walk Back, Walk Back, Anchor Step, Triple Step
1-2Walk Back Left, Walk Back Right
3&4Anchor Step L-R-L with left foot slightly behind right
5&6Triple Step R-L-R in place

[7-12] Walk Fwd., Walk Fwd., Anchor Step, Triple Step
1-2Fwd. Step Left, Fwd. Step Right
3&4Triple Step L-R-L with left foot slightly in front of right
5&6Triple Step R-L-R in place

[13-18] Rock, Recover, 1/4 Turn Shuffle x2 (Belt Loop Turn)
1-2Back Rock Left, Recover Right
3&4Fwd. Shuffle L-R-L turning 1/4 left (back to lady) (9:00)
3&4Lady – Fwd. Shuffle R-L-R turning 1/4 right (facing man) (9:00)
5&6Back Shuffle R-L-R turning 1/4 left (facing lady) (6:00)
5&6Lady – Back Shuffle L-R-L turning 1/4 right (facing man) (12:00)
Hands: On Count 2 release man’s right lady’s left, Count 3 man releases man’s left lady’s right at man’s waist, on Count 6 join man’s left lady’s right – single hand hold.

[19-24] Back Rock, Recover, Triple Step, Triple Step (Swing Basic)
1-2Back Rock Left, Recover Right
3&4Triple Step L-R-L
5&6Triple Step R-L-R
Hands: On count 2 join man’s right lady’s left – double hand hold

[25-30] Back Rock, Recover, Forward Shuffle, Side Shuffle (Bow Tie or Cross Arm Slide)
1-2Back Rock Left, Recover Right
3&4Fwd. Shuffle L-R-L angle to left until you stand R. shoulder to R. Shoulder
3&4Lady – Fwd. Shuffle R-L-R
5&6Left Side Shuffle R-L-R (Very small steps)
5&6Lady – Left Side Shuffle L-R-L (very small steps)
Hands: On Count 3 lift partner’s right hand, on Count 4 place partners hand behind your neck (both partners), on Count 5 release both hands and shuffle apart dragging men’s right fingertips down woman’s outstretched right arm, on Count 6 join man’s right lady’s right

[31-36] Back Rock, Recover, Forward Shuffle (lady turning 1/4 left), Forward Shuffle (man turning 1/2 left)
1-2Back Rock Left turning 1/4 Right, Recover Right (9:00)
1-2Lady – Cross Rock R. behind Left, Recover Left
3&4Shuffle Fwd. L-R-L
3&4Lady – Right Side Shuffle. R-L-R turning 1/4 turn left under man’s arm (9:00)
5&6Shuffle Fwd. R-L-R turning 1/2 Left to face lady (3:00)
5&6Lady –Left Back – Right Together – Left Forward (Left Coaster Step)
Hands: On Count 3 lift man’s right, lady’s right, on Count 4 lower man’s right lady’s right to mans waist and release, on Count 5 join man’s left (behind man’s back) with lady’s right


Hands: On Count 1 man pulls lady to him as they Restart the dance, on Count 2 join man’s right lady’s left



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