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Beginner/Intermediate level
Gaye Teather (UK) - December 2005
As Country As She Gets - Joe Nichols : (CD: Joe Nichols 111)
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16 count intro  
?No Time At All? by Paul Bailey (108 bpm. 16 count intro) CD: By Request ; ?Talking To A Stranger? by Rodney Crowell (106 bpm. 24 count intro) CD: Steppin? Country 5  
Dance rotates in CCW direction 
Step. Pivot quarter turn Left. Cross shuffle. Heel switches. Quarter turn Left. Walk Left. Right 
1 ? 2 Step forward on Right. Quarter turn Left (Facing 9 o?clock)  
3 & 4 Cross Right over Left. Step Left to Left. Cross Right over Left  
5 & 6 Touch Left heel forward. Step Left beside Right. Touch Right heel forward (body will be angled to face Left diagonal)  
& Step Right beside Left making quarter turn Left (Facing 6 o?clock)  
7 ? 8 Walk forward Left. Right  
Forward rock & cross. Back. & cross. Back. Touch back. Half turn Left  
1 ? 2 Rock forward on Left. Recover onto Right  
& 3 ? 4 Step back on Left (small step). Cross Right over Left. Step back on Left  
& 5 ? 6 Step back on Right (small step) Cross Left over Right. Step back on Right  
7 ? 8 Touch Left toe back. Pivot half turn taking weight onto Left foot (Facing 12 o?clock)  
Right rocking chair. Right heel grind quarter turn Right. Coaster step 
1 ? 4 Rock forward on Right. Recover onto Left. Rock back on Right. Recover onto Left  
5 ? 6 Touch Right heel forward. Grind Right heel turning quarter Right (weight on Left)(Facing 3 o?clock)  
7 & 8 Step back on Right. Step Left beside Right. Step forward on Right  
Forward rock. Shuffle back. Back rock. Step. Pivot half turn Left  
1 ? 2 Rock forward on Left. Recover onto Right  
3 & 4 Step back on Left. Step Right beside Left. Step back on Left  
5 ? 6 Rock back on Right. Recover onto Left  
7- 8 Step forward on Right. Pivot half turn Left (Facing 9 o?clock)  
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