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Yellow Roses

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Britta Lyngsø Jensen (DK) & Dwight Birkjær (DK) - January 2011
Yellow Roses - Heidi Hauge
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Intro: 36 Count after heavy beat. (2+2 Wall dance)

S1: Lock step R –L, Rock, Recover, Triple ¾ turn R
1&2Step R fw, Lock L behind R, Step R fw
3&4Step L fw, Lock R behind L, Step L fw
5-6Rock fw R, Recover L
7&8Make ¾ turn R, stepping R-L-R (9 o’clock)

S2: Jump Back, Hold, Back, Heel Touch, Hold, Heel Switches x 3, Hook
&1-2Jump back L-R, Hold
&3-4Step back R, Step L Heel fw, Hold
&5&6Step L beside R, Touch R Heel Fw, Step R beside L, Touch L heel fw
&7-8Step L beside R, Touch R heel fw, Hook R in front L.

S3: Shuffle Fw, Step ½ turn R, Shuffle ½ turn R, Coaster
1&2Step fw R-L-R
3-4Step fw L, Make ½ turn R (3 o’clock)
5&6Shuffle ½ turn R, stepping L-R-L (9 o’clock)
7&8Step Back R, Step L beside R, Step fw R
(Ending wall 13: Make ½ Unwind R)

S4: Step Point, Cross Point, Jazz Box ¼ turn L
1-2Step fw L, Point R to R side
3-4Cross R over L, Point L to L side
5-6Cross L over R, Step Back R
7-8Make ¼ L, Touch R beside L. (Options: You can replace Touch with Stomp Up)

Tag: 4 count after wall 2, 6 and 8: ¼ Monterey Turn R


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