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You Are My Best Friend

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N. Sultje T. (INA) - October 2020
Tantowi Yahya - You're My Best Friend
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Intro 16 counts

Sec1: Fwd, hold, fwd, hold, fwd, fwd, fwd, kick, hitch
1234Step R fwd, hold, step L fwd, hold
567Step R fwd, step L fwd, step R fwd
&8Kick L fwd, hitch L

Sec2: Back, hold, back, hold, back, back, back, hitch
1234Step L back, hold, step R back, hold
5678Step L back, step R back, step L back, hitch R

Sec3: Side, hold, back, hold, side, together, ¼ turn, hold
1234Step R to R side, hold, step L behind R, hold
5678Step R to R side, step L together, ¼ turn R step R fwd, hold

Sec4: Fwd, hold, pivot ½ turn, hold, ¼ turn chasse, hitch
1234Step L fwd, hold, pivot ½ turn R, hold
5678¼ turn R step L to L side, step R together, step L to L side, hitch R

Sec5: Cross, recover and kick, cross, touch, back, hook ½ turn, fwd, hitch
1234Cross R over L, recover on L while kicking R, cross R over L, touch L behind R
5678Step L back, ½ turn R hook R, step R fwd, hitch L

Sec6: Cross, recover and kick, cross, touch, back, hook ¼ turn, side, hitch
1234Cross L over R, recover on R while kicking L, cross L over R, touch R behind L
5678Step R back, ¼ turn L hook L, step L to L side, hitch R

Sec7: Vaudeville steps
1234Cross R over L, step L to L side, R heel diagonal fwd, step R to R side
5678Cross L over R, step R to R side, L heel diagonal fwd, close L next to R

Sec8: Out, out, flick and snap, step, flick and snap, step, clap, clap
1234Step R diagonal fwd, step L diagonal fwd, flick R while snapping L hand on R foot, step R to R side
5678Flick L while snapping R hand on L foot, step L to L side, clap both hands above your head for two times

Tag 8 counts (Happen two times after wall 2 and after the last wall. You will finish the dance by do the tag with ¼ turn L).
1234Twist R, hold, twist L, hold
5678Twist R, L, R, L

Enjoy the dance...Yihaaaa!!!




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