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You Belong In This World

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Saku Tonteri (FIN) - March 2020
Boys Will Be Girls - awfultune
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Count in: Dance starts on second count on word Think.

[1-8] front, turning cross (9:00), side, together, cross, 2x sweep back (12:00), turning sweep (6:00), 1/2 circle run (12:00)
1&2R front (1), L cross over R with ¼ turn left (&), R long R side step (2) (9:00)
3&4L step together (3), R cross over L (&), L back with ¼ turn right while sweeping R front to back (4) (12:00)
5-6R back while sweeping L front to back (5), L back sweep R in front with ½ turn right (6) (6:00)
7&8run R, L, R with 1/2 turn right (12:00)

[9-16] front, hitch, nod, run (6:00), reverse run (12:00), pivot (6:00), side (3:00), cross
1-2&L front (1), hitch R knee over L (2), make a rainbow-shape pattern from right to left with your face (&)
3&4R cross over L with ¼ turn left (3), L front with ¼ turn left (&), R front (4) (6:00)
5&6L back with ¼ turn right (5), R front with ¼ turn right (&), L front (6) (12:00)
7&8&R front (7), 1/2 turn left weight to L (&), R side with ¼ turn left (8), L cross behind R (&) (3:00)

[17-24] sweep touch (9:00), sweep touch (3:00), express, shake it off with melt
1-2R side with ½ turn right while L closing sweep back through front to together (9:00)
3-4L side with ½ turn left while R closing sweep back through front to together (3:00)
5-6Express yourself with your hands or body (5,6)
7&8reverse it or shake it off while lowering your weight on L foot towards ground while sliding R foot back (7&8)
(For example I brush my hair front (5,6)and then tidy it back (7&8). See video)

[25-32] melt, leg switch jump, shuffle with hitch, crossing shuffle, unwind (6:00), heel turn (6:00)
1-2Continue lowering weight and lower your hands (1) jump and switch legs R leg forward and weight on R. Same time swing your hands opposite directions around (2)
3&4L front (3), R together(&), L front and R crossing hitch (4). Make a full circle with your arms from left to right (3,&,4)
5&6R cross over L to left (5), L side to left (&), R cross over L to left (6)
7&8Unwind ¾ to left, weight on L (7) (6:00), R back with ½ turn to left (&) (12:00), pull L together and continue turn ½ to left with heels while raising hands up. After turn start to fall over your balance point towards next wall (8) (6:00)

Contacts and questions through this email;

Enjoy and remember - You belong in this world ;)


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