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You Can Hear A Heart Break

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Nancy Rosera - April 2021
You Can Hear A Heart Break - Tony Ramey
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Intro: 16 cts

Cross Rock, Recover, Side Shuffle R & L
1 2 3&4Cross rock R over L, recover L, shuffle R L R
5 6 7&8Cross rock L over R, recover R, shuffle L R L

Jazz Box, Step, Touch, Step, Touch
1 2 3 4R over L, back L, R to right, fwd L
5 6 7 8Step R, touch L, step L, touch R

Lindy R & L
1&2 3 4Side shuffle R L R, rock back L, recover R
5&6 7 8Side shuffle L R L, rock back R, recover L

Rocking Chair, Pivot Turn 1/4 Left 2X
1 2 3 4Rock fwd R, recover L, rock back R, recover L
5 6 7 8Step fwd R, pivot 1/4 left, step fwd R, pivot 1/4 left

Rhumba Box
1 2 3 4R to right, L tog, fwd R, touch L next to R
5 6 7 8L to left, tog R, back L, touch R next to L

Rock Fwd, Shuffle Back, Rock Back, Shuffle Fwd
1 2 3&4Rock fwd R, recover L, shuffle back R L R
5 6 7&8Rock back L, recover R, shuffle fwd L R L

Contact: Nancy Rosera


DanseNina April 29, 2021
For a little bit more challenge, check out our smooth, low intermediate dance - released 3 days ago to this track:

Happy you like this rather unknown, but beautiful track from 2006, Nancy. Good taste in music. :) And if you are an instructor, I'll be thrilled if your dance is ment for a split floor ;)

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