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Raymond Sarlemijn (NOR) - August 2014
Step right, cross,1/2 turn right, triple step, ½ turn triple step, ¼ turn ronde, jazz box
1RF right.
2LF cross over RF.
&½ turn over right, weight on RF.
3LF cross over RF.
4RF step right.
&½ turn left, LF close RF, weight on LF.
5RF cross forward LF.
6LF step left.
&RF step backwards LF.
71/4 turn left, LF step forward, ronde RF.
8RF cross forward LF.
&LF step backwards.

3/8 turn right, 4/4 spiral turn, ronde’s backwards, triple step, basic steps.
1Turn 3/8 right, RF step forward, facing 13.00.
2LF step forward.
&Turn 4/4 spiral turn over right.
3Ronde RF
4RF step back, LF ronde.
&LF step back, RF ronde.
5RF step back, LF ronde
6LF cross behind RF.
&½ turn over right, RF step forward, facing [1800].
7LF step left.
8RF close backwards LF.
&LF cross forward RF.

Basic steps, diagonal back, back, 3/8 turn right step forward, forward, forward, backwards, ronde, 4/4 triple turn right.
1RF step right.
2LF close behind RF.
&RF cross forward LF.
3LF step left.
4RF step diagonal backwards.
&LF step backwards.
5turn 3/8 facing [22.30], RF step forward.
6LF step forward.
&RF step forward.
7½ turn right, LF step backward, ronde RF, facing 18:00
8½ turn right, RF step on spot.
&½ turn right, LF step on spot.

4/4 triple turn right, ronde forward, jazz box, rock step, rock step, 4/4 triple step turn.
1LF ronde forward.
2LF cross forward RF.
&RF step back.
3LF step left.
4RF rock forward.
&Recover weight LF.
5RF step right.
6LF rock forward.
&Recover weight RF.
7¼ turn left, LF step forward
8RF step forward.
&½ turn left, LF step forward.
1¼ turn left, start again, RF step right.



Sassy Stepper August 27, 2014
Lovely, lovely dance

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