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You Don't Love Me

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Melody Ko (KOR) - October 2021
You Don't Love Me - SPICA
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Tag after wall 4

[Sec 1](1-8) Step Back Rock & Recover, Shuffle Forward, Step Forward Rock & Recover, Shuffle Back
1 21)Step Back on RF, 2)Recover onto LF
3&43)Step fwd on RF, &)Close LF next to RF, 4)Step fwd on RF
5 65)Step fwd on LF, 6)Recover onto RF
7&87)Step Back on LF &)Close RF next to LF, 8)Step Back on LF

[Sec 2](9-16) Turn 1/4, Touch Side, Step Cross-Touch Side(×2), Step LF, Touch Side
1 21)Making a 1/4 Turn R, 2)Touch LF toe to L
3 42)Cross LF over RF, 4)Touch RF to R
5 65)Cross RF over LF, 6)Touch LF to L
7 87)Step LF in place(while hip swaying to L), 8)Touch RF toe to R

[Sec 3](17-24) Step Rolling Vine-Touch Side, Step Rolling Vine-Touch Together
1 21)Making a 1/4 Turn R, 2)Making a 1/2 Turn R
3 43)Making a 1/4 Turn R, 4)Touch LF to L
* Arm Styling : Poke into the air with right hand
5 65)Making a 1/4 Turn L, 6)Making a 1/2 Turn L
7,87)Making a 1/4 Turn L, 8)Touch RF next to LF

[Sec 4](25-32) Make a V step×2 , Bump Hip
1 21)Step diagonally fwd on RF, 2)Step diagonally fwd on LF
3 43)Step RF in 4)Step LF next to RF
5&6&5)Bump hip to R & L twice (Waving R hand high)
7&8&7)Bump hip to R & L twice (Waving R hand low)

[tag](8 Counts) Make a V Step×2
1&2&1)Step diagonally fwd on RF, &)Hold(clapping diagonally to the top right) 2)Step diagonally fwd on LF, &)Hold(Clapping diagonally to the top left)
3&4&3)Step RF in place, &)Hold(Clapping diagonally to the bottom right) 4)Step LF next to RF, &)Hold(Clapping diagonally to the bottom left)
5 65)Step diagonally fwd on RF, 6)Step diagonally fwd on LF
7 87)Step RF in 8)Step LF next to RF

Have Fun!

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