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Paul James (UK) & Jannie Tofte Andersen (DK) April 2017
'Bom Bidi Bom' by Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj. iTunes.
Intro: 16 counts intro (app. 12 seconds into song)

[1-8] Out Out, Flick, Step Flick, Point/Lunge Drag, Hitch Ball Point, Roll Hitch x2 R+L
1&2Step L out (1) Step R out (&) (Slight bend in knees) Flick L behind R knee (2) 12:00
&3Step L in place (&) Flick R behind L knee (3) 12:00
&4Point R toe to right side, making a small lunge onto L (&) Drag R in (4) 12:00
5&6Hitch R knee (5) Step onto the ball of R (&) Point L to L side (6) 12:00
7-8Transfer weight onto L making a small body roll hitching R Knee (7), Place weight back onto R making small body roll hitching L knee (8) 12:00
(Body rolls are styling options)
[9-16] Step Lock Step, Step ½ turn L, Step, Ball Step, Rock Recover ½ turn Hitch, ¼ turn Steps x2, Step Behind.
1&2Step L forward (1) Lock R foot behind L (&) Step L forward (2) 12:00
3&4Step R forward (3) Make ½ turn L (&) Step R forward (4) 06:00
&5Step L next to R (&) Step R forward (5) 06:00
6&7Rock L forward (6) recover weight onto R (&) making slow ½ turn L, hitching L knee (7) 12:00
&8&Make ¼ turn L stepping onto L (&) Make ¼ turn L stepping onto R (8) Step L behind R (&) 06:00
[17-24] Rock Recover Cross Behind x2, Step, ½ R, Low Kick to Side, Side Cross Side (with knee pop & snap)
1-2&Rock R to R side (1) Recover weight onto L (2) Cross R behind L (&) 06:00
3-4&Rock L to L side (3) Recover weight onto R (4) Cross L behind R (&) 06:00
5&6Step R to R diagonal (5) Step L fw (&) Turn ½ R keeping weight on L and making a low kick with R to R diagonal 01:30
7&8Square up stepping R to R side (7) Cross L over (&) Step R to R side, sitting in R hip and popping L knee and snapping fingers on R hand (body is turned toward L diagonal) (8) 10:30
[25-32] Walk x2, Rock Recover (Body Roll) Step Back, Point ½ turn, Kick and Cross
1-2Walk to L diagonal x2, L R (1,2) 10:30
&3-4Step and rock L forward (&3) Recover weight onto R (4) 10:30
(When rocking fw start a body roll from head down, ending when weight is back on R)
&5Step L back (&) Point R toe back (5) 10:30
6Make ½ turn over R placing weight onto R (6) 04:30
7&8Kick L forward (7) Place weight onto L (&) Cross R over, squaring up to face 6 o’clock (8) 06:00
[33-40] Point and Heel and Heel and Point and Kick Ball Step, ¼ Turn with Heel Twists, Touch.
1&2&Point L toe to L side (1) Step L together (&) Touch R heel forward (2) Step R together (&) 06:00
3&4&Touch L heel forward (3) Step L together (&) Point R toe to R side (4) Step R together (&) 06:00
5&6Kick L forward (5) Step L in place (&) Step R forward (6) 06:00
7&8Turn L heel to R (7) Turn R heel to R making ¼ L (&) Touch L next to R (8) 03:00
[41-48] Step Touches x2, Coaster Step, Step ½ L turn Step, ¼ L Cross, Big Step, Touch
1&2&Step L back to L diagonal (1), touch R next to L (&), step R back to R diagonal (2), touch L next to R (&) 03:00
3&4Step L back (3) Step R foot next to L (&) Step L forward (4) 03:00
5&6Step R forward (5) Make ½ turn L stepping onto L (&) Step R forward (6) 09:00
&7-8Cross L over R making ¼ turn L (&) Make a big step to the R dragging L in (7) Touch L next to R (8) 06:00

Paul James (UK) - paul.jc31@gmail.com
Jannie Tofte Andersen (DK) - jannietofte@gmail.com

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