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You Look Perfect

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Lim Riky (INA) & Swany (INA) - February 2021
Perfect Duet (with Beyoncé) - Ed Sheeran
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Start the dance on the word "Love".

Basic nightclub, Grape Vine ¼ L Turn, Pivot ¾ R Turn, Sidestep Forward
1, 2&3Step RF Slightly to R, Step LF behind RF, RF in place, Step LF t o L.
4&5Step RF Behind LF, Step LF ¼ L Turn, Step RF forward (9:00).
6&7Step LF forward, Step RF ½ R Turn, Step LF ¼ R Turn (6:00).
8&Close RF to LF side, Step LF Forward.
(Restart here at wall 4 facing 12:00)
Grape Vine, Cross, Sweep Cross ¼ R Turn, Diamond ¼ R Turn, Cross
1, 2&3Step RF Slightly to R, Step LF behind RF, Step RF to R, Cross LF over RF.
4&5Sweep RF over LF, Step LF ¼ Turn Right, Step RF backward (9:00).
6&7Step LF backward, Step RF ¼ Turn Right, Step LF forward (12:00).
8&Cross RF over LF, Step LF backward.
(Restart here at wall 8 facing 6:00)
RF Backward, Scissor Step L, New York Step, Pivot ¾ R Turn, Full Turn L
1, 2&3Step RF backward, Step LF to L, Close RF to LF, Cross LF over RF.
4&5Step RF in place, Step LF to L Side, Cross RF over LF.
6&7Step LF to L side, RF Turn ¼ Right, Step LF forward (3:00).
8&1RF ½ Turn L, LF ½ Turn L, Step RF forward (3:00).

Bend L Knee, Cross, Back, Back, Cross ¼ Turn R, Back, Back, Back Touch R
2, 3Step LF to L bend the knee, Step RF on place (Sweep Yours R Hand Up).
4&5Cross LF over RF, Step RF back, Step LF diagonal back.
6&7Cross RF over LF, Step LF back ½ Turn R, Step RF diagonal back (6:00).
8&Step LF backward, Touch RF to LF side.

Restart on wall 4 after 8 counts (12:00) and Wall 8 after 16 counts (6:00)

Have Fun and Enjoy



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