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High Intermediate
Jannie Tofte Stoian (DK) - January 2016
'That's How You Know (Clean)' by Nico & Vinz ft. Bebe Rexha & Kid Ink. [Buy on iTunes].
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Intro: 16 counts (app. 9 sec. into song)

Restart: 1 Restart on wall 8 after count 16. See bottom for details.

Note: Feel free to use the “not clean” version. I actually like that one better but decided to behave

[1-8] Walk x2, Anchor Step sweep, Behind side cross, Scissor step
1-2Walk R, L 12:00
3&4&Step R behind L (3rd position), step down on L, step down R, step down on L (knead the floor) 12:00
5Step down on R, sweeping L from front to back 12:00
6&7Cross L behind R, step R to R side, cross L over R 12:00
&8&Step R to R side, close L next to R, cross R over L 12:00
[9-16] ¼ R Pencil turn, Cross rock, Side Rock, Cross ¼ L, Sweep ¼ L, Behind side cross, Side rock cross
1Touch L next to R, turning ¼ R 03:00
2&3&Cross rock L over R, recover onto R, rock L to L side, recover onto R 03:00
4&5Cross L over R (4), turn ¼ L stepping R back and sweeping L front to back (&), continue sweeping L while turning another ¼ L on your R foot 09:00
6&7Cross L behind R, step R to R side, cross L over R 09:00
&8&Rock R to R side, recover onto L, cross R over L 09:00
[17-24] Point, ¼ R flick, Rock step, Ball step ½ L with hip roll, touch x2
1-2Point L to L side, Flick L up while turning ¼ R on your R foot 12:00
3-4Rock L fw, recover onto R, 12:00
&5-6Step L next to R Step R fw, turn ½ L while rolling hip ccw sitting down on your R hip (weight stays R) 06:00
&7&8Step L slightly back, touch R fw (knee ben), step R slightly back, touch L fw (knee bent) 06:00
[25-32] Ball step, Scuff hitch place, Swivel, Chest pop, Syncopated locksteps
&1Step down on L, step R fw 06:00
2&3Scuff L, hitch L, place L foot fw 06:00
&4Swivel L heel to L side, swivel back to centre (weight stays R) 06:00
&5Pop chest fw, return to centre 06:00
&6&7Step L next to R, step R fw and slightly diagonal R, lock L behind R, step R fw 06:00
&8&Step L fw and slightly diagonal L, lock R behind L, step L fw 06:00

Restart: On wall 8 (start facing 06:00) – after 14 counts – then alter the last 2 counts
6&7Cross L behind R, step R to R side, cross L over R 03:00
&8Step R to R side, turn ¼ L stepping L next to R – begin the dance again 12:00

No ending needed. The dance finishes facing 12 o’clock
Good luck & enjoy!

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