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You Needed Me

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High Intermediate
Alison Johnstone (AUS) & Adeline Cheng (MY) - June 2012
You Needed Me - Boyzone : (Various Albums - iTunes)
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Start: On Vocals on words “I cried a tear” (14 seconds)

(1-8) Nightclub Right, ¼ Over Left stepping Left, Full Spin Over left, Rock Forward, Recover ¼, ¼ Over Right (&), Walk Forward Left, Right (3.00)
1, 2&Big step Right, Rock Left behind Right, Recover Right (&)
3, 4&¼ turn over Left stepping Left, ½ turn Over Left stepping back on Right, ½ turn over Left stepping Forward Left (&)
5, 6&Rock forward on Right, ¼ Right turn as you Recover on Left, ¼ turn over Right stepping Right beside Left (&)
7, 8Walk forward Left, Walk forward Right

(9-16) Pivot ½ Over Right, Step, ½ Over Left, ¼ Over Left, Right In Front Left, Side Rock Cross, Side Rock Cross(12.00)
1&2Step forward Left, Pivot ½ over Right (&), Step forward Left,
3&4½ turn over Left stepping Back on Left, ¼ turn over left stepping Left to side (&), Step Right in front of Left
5&6Rock Left to side, Recover on Right (&), Cross Left in front of Right,
7&8Rock Right to side, Recover on Left (&), cross Right in front of Left

(17-24) ¼ Left into Nightclub Left, ¼ Over Right Stepping Right, Full Spin Over Right, Rock Forward, Recover, Back Left (&), Back Right, Back Left, Right Together (&) (6.00)
1, 2&¼ turn over Right shoulder taking a Big step Left, Rock Right behind Left, Recover on Left (&) (3.00)
3, 4&¼ turn over Right stepping on Right, ½ turn over Right stepping back on Left, ½ turn over Right stepping forward Right (&)
5, 6&Rock forward on Left, Recover Right, Small step back Left (&)
7, 8&Step back Right, Step back Left, Step Right together (&)

(25-32) Forward Left sweep Right, Forward Right Sweep Left, Weave Right, Cross Recover Side, Weave Left ¼ Turn Left (3.00)
1, 2Step forward Left sweeping Right back to front, Step Forward Right sweeping Left back to front
3&4&Cross Left over Right, Step Right to side, Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to side
5, 6&Cross Right over Left, Recover Right, Step Left to Side (&)
7&8&Cross Right over Left, Step Left to Side, Cross Right behind Left, ¼ turn Left stepping on Left

(33-36) Pivot ¼ Over left, Pivot ½ Over left (6.00)
1, 2Touch forward on Right, Pivot ¼ over Left
3, 4Touch forward on Right, Pivot ½ over Left


*** TAG: end wall 2 facing 12.00 wall - Sway Right, Left, Right, Left (4 Counts) then start***

END OF DANCE: Wall 6 facing 6.00 dance to count 20& (end of Spin) you will be facing front

We hope you enjoy our dance _

Last Revision - 6th August 2012


NOELLE January 18, 2013
I love this dance but am a bit puzzled where to get the music. only bring it up under boy zone and the dance specifically says Ronan Keating, can you please shed some light on my query as I dont want to buy the wrong version.
thanks Pauline

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