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Young Men 연하의남자

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Absolute Beginner
Tina Chen Sue-Huei & Juilin Chen (March 2020)
연하의남자 by 가수전추영, 年輕人by全祖英, Young men - Gangjin
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Start Dance After 48 Counts On Vocal @ 26 sec.

Main Dance (32 Counts)
SI.Fwd Step Kick , Back Step Touch
1-8Step R fwd, Kick L out, Step L back , Touch R back on RL LR RL LR ending touch R beside L on count 8

SII.Weave R Touch Side – 3/4 L Rolling Vine Touch Side
1-4Side Step R, Behind R Step L, Side Step R, Touch L To L Side
5-8¼ L Fwd Step L, ¼ L Back Step R, ¼ L Side Step L, Point R To R Side (3.00)

SIII.(Cross Point Side) 2X – ¼ R Jazz Box Cross
1-2Cross R Over L, Point L To Left Side
3-4Cross L Over R, Point R To Right Side
5-8Cross R Over L, ¼ Turn Right Back Step L, Side Step R, Cross L Over R (6.00)

SIV.R-L (Side Tog Side ¼ R Touch) (Side Tog Side Touch)
1-4Side Step R, Tog Step L, Side Step R, ¼ R Touch L Beside R (9.00)
5-8Side Step L, Tog Step R, Side Step L, Touch R Beside L

Happy Dancing!



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