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Your Hand In Mine

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Wil Bos (NL) - September 2019
"Storms Never Last " by Bert Laniyo
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Intro 32 counts (start on vocals)

Run fwd x 3 fwd, Hitch, Run Back x 3 Hitch, Coaster step, Scuff, Scissor Step ¼ R
1&2&Run fwd R,L,R - LF. Hitch
3&4Run Back L, R ,L
5&6&RF. Step to back - LF. Close beside RF – RF. Step fwd – LF. Scuff
7&8LF. ¼ R Step to L – RF Close beside LF– LF. Cross over RF (3.00)

¼ Turn L, ¼ Turn L, Cross Over, ¼ Turn R, ¼ Turn R, Cross Over, Side rock R, Cross, Side rock L, Cross, ¼ R Step Fwd, Scuff
1&2RF. ¼ L Step back - LF. ¼ L step to L side - RF. Cross over LF (9:00)
3&4LF. ¼ R Step back - RF. ¼ R step to R side - LF. Cross over RF (3:00)
5&6RF. Step to R - LF. Recover – RF. Cross behind LF
&7&8LF. Step to L – RF. Recover – LF. Cross behind RF – RF. ¼ R step fwd (6.00)

Lock Step Fwd, ½ Change Turn L, Full Turn R, Mambo Step, Hitch
&1&2LF. Scuff - LF. Step fwd - RF. Lock behind LF – LF. Step fwd
3&4RF. Step fwd – LF & RF make ½ turn L – RF. Step fwd (12:00)
5&6LF. ½ Turn R step back - RF. ½ turn R step fwd - LF. Step fwd
7&8&RF. Rock fwd – LF. Recover weight – RF. Step back and hitch left knee (12.00)

Diagonal Chassé Back, Hitch, Chassé ¼ R, ½ Turn L, Syncopated Jazz Box
1&2&LF. 1/8 L step to left – RF. Close beside LF – LF. Step to L – RF. Hitch right knee (10:30)
3&4RF. 1/8 R step to right – LF. Close beside RF – RF. ¼ R Step fwd (3.00)
5&6LF. Rock step fwd – RF. Recover – LF. ½ turn L step fwd (9:00)
7&8&RF. Cross over LF – LF. Step back to L – RF. Step to R – LF. Step fwd

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Colin Ghys August 26, 2019
I like this dance ! Thanks Wil !

Yuli27 August 26, 2019
Enjoyable Reggae :)

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