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Intermediate NC rhythm
Brenda Shatto (USA), March 2016
Heartbeat by Carrie Underwood, Length: 3:31, Album: Storyteller – 70 bpm
Notes: One 16 Count Tag Danced 3 Times. One Restart On Wall 5. See Below For All Descriptions.
Weight Starts On Right. 16 Count Introduction.

[1-8] Rock back-recover side, rock back – recover, ¼ turn left side, repeat
1&2Cross rock L behind R (1), recover R in place (&), big step L to left (2) [12:00]
3&4Cross rock R behind L (3), recover L in place (&), ¼ turn left big step R to right side (4) [9:00]
5 - 8Repeat counts 1-4 [6:00]

[9-16] Rock back-recover side, cross-side-cross, side-cross behind, ¼ turn left forward, rock Forward, recover, ⅜ turn right step forward
1&2Cross rock L behind R (1), recover R in place (&), big step L to left, facing left diagonal (2) [5:00]
3&4Cross R over L (3), step L to left (&), cross R over L (4) [5:00]*
*Restart Wall 5: replace cross side cross with sway R, L, R with a step to right.
5&6Step L to left squaring to [6:00] (5), cross R behind left (&), ¼ turn left, step L forward (6) [3:00]
7&8Rock R forward (7), recover L in place and begin ⅜ turn right (&), step R forward finishing ⅜ turn right (8) [7:30] .

[17-24] Left lock step sweep ¼ turn left, cross-lock forward sweep ¼ turn right, cross touch, step, 1⅛ turn left
1&2Cross L over R (1), lock R next to L (&), step L forward and sweep R ¼ turn left (2) [4:30]
3&4Cross R over L (3), lock L next to R(&), step R forward and sweep L ¼ turn right (4) [7:30]
5,6Press ball of L across R (5), step L in place as you prep by opening body to right (6)
7&8 1⅛ triple turn left: small step back R (7), small step forward L (&), step R to right side squaring up to back wall (8) [6:00]
No turn option: chasse to the right.

[25-32] Diamond full turn left: back, back, side, forward, forward, side, repeat
1&2⅛ turn left, cross L behind R (1), step R back (&), ⅛ turn left step L to left side (2) [3:00]
3&4⅛ turn left cross R over left (3), step forward L (&), ⅛ turn left step R to right side (4) [12:00]
5-8Repeat counts 1-4.
After 5&6 face [9:00]. After 7&8 face [6:00].
Dance Tag At End Of Walls 2, 4, And 6 (Facing 12:00 Every Time) .

[1-8] Back rock ¼ turn left, forward ½ turn left, forward rock, recover, back, ¼ turn right chasse
1&2Cross rock L behind R (1), recover R in place (&),¼ turn left step L forward (2) [9:00]
3&4Step R forward (3), pivot ½ turn left, weight L (&), step forward R (4) [3:00]
5&6Rock L forward (5), recover R (&), step L back (6)
Optional turn: step L forward (5), pivot ½ turn right (&), ½ turn right and step L back (6)
7&8 1/4 turn right and step R to right (7), step L next to R (&), step R to right (8) [6:00]

[9-16] Repeat counts 1-8
starting at [6:00], end at [12:00]

Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If you would like to use it on your website, it must be used in its original
format. Contact the choreographer with your questions.
Contact: brendas@winecountrylinedance.com ~ www.winecountrylinedance.com

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