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Intermediate / Advanced
Bradley Mather – April 2017
Si Me Falta Tu Mirada by Il Volo (iTunes and amazon)
Intro: 16 counts

S1: Sweep, weave, ¼ turn L chasse, rock, recover, full turn R
1, 2&3step on R sweeping L from front to back, step L behind R, step R to R, cross L over R (12)
*** on wall one, start facing 6:00. Turn ½ L stepping down on R to start dance
4&5step R to R, step L across R turning 1/8 L, step R back turning 1/8 L (9)
6,7rock back on L, recover weight to R (9)
8&turn ½ R stepping back on L, turn ½ R stepping R forward (9)

S2: ¼ R Nightclub, ¾ turn L, sweep&hitch, cross, back, back, ¼ R cross
1,2,&3turn ¼ R stepping L to L, hold, step R next to L, cross L over R (12)
4&5turn ¼ L stepping back onto R, turn ½ L stepping forward on R, step R forward sweeping L from back to front (3)
6&7hitch L, cross L over R, step R back (3)
8&step L next to R, turn ¼ R crossing R over L (6)

S3: Nightclub, circle weave with ½ turn L, cross, collect
1, 2&3step L to L, step R next to L, cross L over R, step R to R sweeping L from back to front (6)
4&5cross L over R, 1/8 L stepping R back, 1/8 L stepping L behind R and sweeping R from front to back (3)
6&7step R behind L, 1/8 L stepping L to L, 1/8 L cross R over L (12)
8&cross L over R, collect R next to L(12)

S4: Side, press, nightclub, ¼ R step back, ¼ R side, cross, side, cross rock, recover
1, 2&3step R to R rising up, hold, press L to L, step R to R (12)
4&5step L next to R, cross R over L, turn ¼ R stepping back on L (3)
6&7¼ R stepping R to R, cross L over R, step R to R (6)
8&rock L across R, recover weight to R (6)
Restart on wall 4: Rock L across R on count 32 and restart by stepping down on R, sweeping L from front to back

S5: Nightclub, ¼ turn R, ½ R chase, ½ L, ½ L, full turn L with hitch, run forward 2x
1, 2&3step L to L, step R next to L, cross L over R, ¼ R stepping R forward (9)
4&5step L forward, turn ½ R stepping R forward, step L forward (3)
6&7turn ½ L stepping R back, turn ½ L stepping L forward, full turn L stepping on R and hitching L (pique turn)(3)
8&step forward on L, step forward on R (3)

S6: Press forward, runback 3x, coaster step, hitch, place, 1 and ¾ turn L
1, 2&3press L forward, step R back, step L back, step R back (3)
4&5step L back, step R next to L, step L forward (3)
6,7hitch R bringing R leg from back to front, place R forward with some weight (3)
8&replace weight onto L spinning 1 and ¾ turn L (6)


Contact: bradleylinedancer@gmail.com

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