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You're a Diamond

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Georgie Mygrant (USA) - 29 October 2021
DIAMOND - Niko Moon : (Album: Good Time)
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Intro: 16 - No Tags!

Step Side, Scissor, Step Side L, Scissor
1-2-3&4Step R, Step L to R, Step R, Step on L, Cross R over L
5-6-7&8Step L, Step R to L, Step L, Step on R, Cross L over R

Modified K Step
1-2-3&4Step fwd. R diagonally, Touch L to R, Step L back diagonally, L/R/L
5-6-7&8Step R back diagonally, touch L to R, Step L fwd. diagonally, L/R/L

Vine R, Turning ½ L, Walk Fwd. Kick Ball Chain
1-4Step R, L behind R, step R turning ½ on R, step on L
5-6-7&8Walk fwd. R/L, Kick R fwd. step on R, step on L

Pivot ½ L, V Step
1-4Step R fwd. weight on L turning ¼ L, Step R fwd., turning ¼ L on L,
5-8Step R fwd. Diagonally, Step L to L side, Step R back to center, step L back to center
That's it! I hope you like it! All easy steps, just a little harder than some, but a lot of fun.
Feel free to contact me if you like! Included is the foot-work for this routine.


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