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You're So Beautiful

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Phrased Intermediate Soul
Lorenzo Golo Evans - June 2015
You're So Beautiful - Jussie Smollett
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Pattern A,B,C,C,A,B,C,C,A,C,C,Tag,B

PART A: 32 counts
A[1-8] Syncopated Heel Taps with Kick into Sailor Step (Both R & L Sides)
1Tap R Heel out to the R
2Kick R Foot out to the R
3 & 4Sailor Step (R behind L) Weight ends on the R
5Tap L Heel out to the L
6Kick L Foot out to the L
7 & 8Sailor Step (L behind R) Weight Ends on Right

A[9-16] Repeat Steps 1-8

A[17-24] Syncopated forward walking steps with kick, sycnopated backward walking seps ending with Coaster step
1Walk forward starting with R
2Step Forward L
3Step Forward R
4Kick L Forward
5Walking backward -Step L
6Step Back R
7 & 8Left Coaster Step (Step Back L, Step Forward R, Step Forward L) Weight Ends on L

A[25-32] Kick Forward, Step Back, Quarter Twist, Face Front
1Kick Fowrard R
2Step Back R
3(with L foot in front of R) twist body 1/4 R
4twist body 1/4 L back to Front Wall
5(with weight on R) Kick Forward L
6Step Back L
7(with R foot in front of L) twist body 1/4 L
8twist body 1/4 R back to Front Wall

PART B: 32 counts
[33-40] Steps with Knee Lifts with Quarter Turning Swivels/Twists ( 4 Walls)
1Big Step Forward Right
2Step Forward L and Lift R Knee
&Step down w/ R
3Step Forward L and Lift R Knee
&Step down w/ R
4Step Forward L and Lift R Knee
5Step Back R
6Step Back L
7 & 8 2 Syncopated Twists Turning 1/4 L to Face Left Wall (Weight Ends on L)

[41-64] Repeat 1-8 on each wall until you return to front wall
PART C- 32 Counts (Chorus of Song)
[65-80] Grapevines to the Right and Left
1-4Syncopated Grapevine R
5-8Syncopated Grapevine L
9-16Repeat (1-8)

[81-88] Up and Down Motion with hands in stylized compression motion
1-8Motion matches lyrics of the song "go up-down-up-down-up-down"

[89-96] "Shake it Fast"Step Right and hips roll from left to right slowly, twist R & L
1Big Step to Right Starting slow hip Roll from L to R
2-4Hips Slowly Roll from Left to Right
5&6Heels and Hips twist L-R-L
7&8Heels and Hips twist R-L-R

TAG- 16 Counts
On the 4th Rotation of PART C do the "up-down-up-down" motion for Three 8 Counts instead of One

Pattern A,B,C,C,A,B,C,C,A,C,C,Tag,B


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