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Beginner / Intermediate
Dwight Meessen (NL) - May 2012
Zaleilah - Mandinga : (Eurovision song contest 2012 Romenia)
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Hip sways Left, Right ,Left, Rock back, Recover, ¼ Turn back(step back), ¼ Turn Left Chasse
1Sway Left
2Sway Right
3Sway Left
4RF Rock Back
5LF Recover Weight on Left
6RF ¼ Turn back, step back (Right)
7LF ¼ Left , step to side
&RF Close next to LF
8LF Step to side

Rock Forward, Recover, Rock Back, Recover, Triple step turn ½ Right, Rock Back, Recover
1RF Rock Forward
2LF Recover Weight on Left
3RF Rock Back
4LF Recover Weight
5RF ¼ Turn Left, step on position
&LF Close next to RF
6RF ¼ Turn Left, step on position
7LF Rock back
8RF Recover Weight on Right

Touch Bump & Bump, Touch Bump & Bump, ¼ Turn Right, Cross Shuffle
1LF toe diagonal bump hip Left
&Bump hip Right
2Bump hip Left
3RF toe diagonal bump hip Right
&Bump hip Left
4Bump hip Right weight on LF
5LF Step forward
6L+R ¼ Turn Right
7LF Cross over RF
&RF Close behind LF
8LF Cross over RF

Side, Together, Chasse, Rock Back, Recover, ¼ Turn Right
1RF Step RF to Right Side
2LF Step L next to R
3RF Step R to Right Side
&LF Step L next to R
4RF Step R to Right side
5LF Rock Back
6RF Recover weight on Right
7LF Step forward
8L+R ¼ Turn Right

L fwd mambo, R back mambo, L side mambo, R side mambo,
1LF Rock forward
&RF Recover weight onto Right
2LF Step Left next to Right
3RF Rock Back
&LF Recover weight onto Left
4RF Step Right next to Left
5LF Rock Left to Left side
&RF Recover weight onto Right
6RF Step Left next to Right
7RF Rock Right to Right side
&LF Recover weight onto Left side
8RF Step Right next to Left

Rock Forward, Recover, Rock Back, Recover, ½ Pivot Right, Shuffle Forward
1LF Rock Forward
2RF Recover weight on Right
3LF Rock Back
4RF Recover weight on Right
5LF Step Forward
6L+R ½ Turn Right
7LF Step forward
&RF Close next to LF
8LF Step forward

Big step to Right side, Rock Back, Recover, Big step to Left side, Rock Back, Recover, Chasse Right side
1RF Big step to Right side
2LF Rock Back
3RF Recover weight on Right
4LF Big step to Left side
5RF Rock Back
6LF Recover weight on Left
7RF Step to Right side
&LF Close next to R
8RF Step to Right side

¼ Paddle Turn Right(using hips), ½ Pivot Turn Right(using hips), Step Lock Step, Step Lock Step
1LF Step Forward
2L+R Paddle ¼ Turn Right(using hips!)
3LF Step Forward
4L+R ½ Pivot Turn Right(using hips!)
5LF Step Forward
&RF Lock behind LF
6LF Step Forward
7RF Step Forward
&LF Lock behind RF
8RF Step Forward

Tag: After Count 64 of Wall 5
Hip sways Left, Right, Left, Right

Enjoy Dancing!


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