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Zulu Power

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Easy Intermediate
Ria Vos (NL) - May 2022
Power To the People (The 2 Malinga's Zulu Mix) - Vula & Saul Malinga
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Intro: 32 Counts (15 sec)

Side, Behind-Side-Cross, ¼ L Together, R Cross Samba, L Cross Samba
1Step R to R Side
2&3Step L Behind R, Step R to R Side, Cross L Over R
&4¼ Turn L Step Back on R, Step L Next to R (9:00)
5&6Cross R Over L, Step L to L Side, Step R to R Side
7&8Cross L Over R, Step R to R Side, Step L to L Side

Rock Fwd, Back, Touch Fwd, Back, Touch Fwd, Back Sit, Flick, Walk Fwd R-L
1-2Rock Fwd on R, Recover on on L
&3Step Back on R, Touch L Slightly Fwd
&4Step Back on L, Touch R Slightly Fwd
5Step Back on R, ‘Sit down’ Pointing L Fwd with Bended Knee (Angle Body R)
6Come Up Step L Fwd Flicking R Back
7-8Walk Fwd R-L

Shimmy Fwd, Lean Back/Fwd, ½ Turn L, ½ Turn L, Sailor Step
1&2Step Fwd on R Shimmy Shoulders
3-4Lean Back on L Looking over L Shoulder, Recover on R
5-6½ Turn L Step Fwd on L, ½ Turn L Step Back on R (9:00)
7&8Step L Behind R, Step R to R Side, Step L to L Side

Cross Rock, & ¼ R, Sway L-R-L, Sailor ¼ R, Cross
1-2&Cross Rock R Over L, Recover on L, ¼ Turn R Small Step Fwd on R (12:00)
3-4-5Step and Sway L to L Side, Sway R, Sway L
(styling: go down-up/down-up/down-up L-R-L)
6&7Step R Behind L ¼ Turn R, Step L to L Side, Step R to R Side
8Cross L Over R

Ending: You will End with your Sailor ¼ R (count 30&31)
Turn a ½ Turn R Stepping Back on L to end facing 12:00

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Harry Samana May 31, 2022
Nice , i Like it...

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