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John "Grrowler" Rowell

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United Kingdom


A-WONDERING  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

32 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate   音乐: I'm Wondering by The Mavericks

AIN'T FOOLING NOBODY  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

32 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate   音乐: You Ain't Foolin' Nobody by Vince Gill

AIN'T GOT A CLUE  Pete Harkness (UK) & John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

64 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate   音乐: Alcohol Abuse by Billy Yates

ALMOST COOKIN'  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

32 拍数    4 墙数    beginner   音乐: Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues by Charlie Daniels

ALWAYS WRONG  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

32 拍数    2 墙数    intermediate   音乐: Couldn't Get It Right by Climax Blues Band

BASS BOAT GIRL  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

    64 拍数    2 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: "Girl With A Bass Boat" (2:54) by Len Doolin , 186 BPM CD: Once In A Lifetime, CDX 292

Beautiful Tonight  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK) - May 2011

    64 拍数    2 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: "Beautiful Tonight" (4mins: 02sec) by Westlife. Album: "Gravity" (111bpm)

BEYOND MY CONTROL  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

60 拍数    4 墙数    waltz   音乐: Till You Love Me by Reba McEntire


    64 拍数    4 墙数    Beginner / Intermediate   音乐: Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes by Claudia Barry

CARDIAC OVERDRIVE  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

64 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate   音乐: Take The Keys To My Heart by Garth Brooks

COCKTAIL CHA  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

32 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate   音乐: Songs, Women & Wine by Bambie

COOKIN' JUSTA LI'L  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

64 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate/advanced   音乐: Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues by Charlie Daniels

DAYS GO BY  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

48 拍数    2 墙数    intermediate   音乐: Days Go By by Keith Urban

DIXIE FRIED  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

66 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate   音乐: She's Going Home With Me by Travis Tritt

DO IT AGAIN!  Liz Clarke (SCO) & John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

48 拍数    4 墙数    beginner/intermediate   音乐: Dancer's Den by Jody Jenkins

EASY SUNDAY  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

32 拍数    4 墙数    Intermediate NC2S   音乐: "Easy" by The Commodores , 67 BPM CD: Motown Gold -70's plus various other albums

FALLING IN LOVE  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

32 拍数    2 墙数    intermediate   音乐: Falling In Love With You by Gary Moore

FOR ALL THE GIRLS  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

32 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate   音乐: To All The Girls I've Loved Before by Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias

FOREVER FRIENDS  John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

32 拍数    4 墙数    beginner two step   音乐: Friends For Life by Mark Wills & Rhett Atkins

Full Moon Friday  Maureen Rowell & John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK)

    32 拍数    2 墙数    Improver   音乐: "Full Moon Friday" by Brittany Spriggs, (2 min : 51sec) BPM: 89 - CDX, Vol. 579, iTunes

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