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EAGLE ROCK  Lois Sturgeon

0 拍数    1 墙数    advanced   音乐: Eagle Rock by Daddy Cool

Eagle Rock  Pamela Ahearn (AUS) - September 2011

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Beginner - Improver   音乐: Eagle Rock - Daddy Cool. Album: Daddy Who Daddy Cool

Eagle Tango  Chatti the Valley - March 2017

    32 拍数    2 墙数    Improver   音乐: "The Naughty Lady Of Shady Love" de Ross Mitchell / Tony Crane

EAGLE'S SLIDE  Puujalka Roses

56 拍数    2 墙数    intermediate contra dance   音乐: Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under by Shania Twain

EAGLES ROCK  Gaye Teather (UK)

    64 拍数    4 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: "How Long" by The Eagles (140 bpm) CD: Long Road Out Of Eden.

Eagles Rock (老鷹搖滾) (zh)  Gaye Teather (UK) - November 2007

    64 拍数    4 墙数    Beginner/Intermediate   音乐: How Long by The Eagles (140 bpm) CD: Long Road Out Of Eden

EAGLES WALTZ  Lois Lightfoot (UK)

48 拍数    0 墙数       音乐: Take It To The Limit by The Eagles

Eagles World Rumba  Agnethe Hansen (DK) - May 2013

    16 拍数    2 墙数    Beginner - Rumba   音乐: It's Your World Now by The Eagles. CD: Long Road out of Eden

Eany Meany  Marja Urgert (NL) & Jan Van Tiggelen (NL) - September 2018

    32 拍数    4 墙数    High Beginner   音乐: Eany Meany "By" Cartoons

EARL  Victoria McIntyre & Joan Pashaian

40 拍数    2 墙数    beginner   音乐: Goodbye, Earl by The Dixie Chicks

EARL OF SHANNON STROLL  Tony Colbert & Diane Colbert

48 拍数    0 墙数       音乐: Galway Girl by Sharon Shannon & Steve Earle

Early Cha  Ulrika Andersson (SWE) & Carina Edin - January 2011

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Beginner   音乐: "Duke of Earl" - The Boppers


40 拍数    2 墙数    beginner/intermediate   音乐: Early Hours (Step By Step) by Felicity & Clint Beattie

Early in The Mornin'  Maryloo (FR) - October 2010

    48 拍数    4 墙数    Improver - Non Country   音乐: Early in The Mornin by Cyndi Lauper. Album: Memphis Blues (124 bpm)

Early in the Mornin' (fr)  Maryloo (FR) - October 2010

    48 拍数    4 墙数    Novice - WCS - Non Country   音乐: Early in the Mornin' - Cyndi Lauper. Album: Memphis Blues (124 bpm)


48 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate   音乐: Early In The Morning by John Mayall

Early in the Morning  Max Perry (USA)

    60 拍数    4 墙数    Phrased Beginner   音乐: "Early in the Morning" by Vanity Fare

Early in the Morning  Katrin Gäbler (DE) - September 2012

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Improver   音乐: Drunken Sailor – Irish Rovers

Early In The Morning  Stella Kim - June 2016

    32 拍数    2 墙数    Improver   音乐: Early In The Morning by Vanity Fare

Early In The Morning  Daisy Simons (BEL) - October 2016

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Beginner   音乐: Early In The Morning by Derek Ryan

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