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Fall In Love For Partners (P)  Inge Olsen & Henning Sørensen, (DK), May 2014

32 拍数    0 墙数    Beginner Partner   音乐: Never Gonna Fall In Love by Tim Redmond Ft Rick Guard

Fall In Love Tonight  Jan Owen Smith (Spain) Sept 2012

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Intermediate - Country   音乐: Whatcha Reckon by Josh Turner [Punching Bag - 118 BPM]

Fall Into Me  Michelle Weller (UK) November 2019

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Improver   音乐: Fall into me by Sugarland. Album: Love on the Inside (Deluxe Fan Edition)


32 拍数    4 墙数    beginner   音乐: River Of You by Trisha Yearwood

Fall On Me   Alison Johnstone (Nuline) & Joshua Talbot (Aus) November 2018

    34 拍数    2 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: Fall on Me - Andrea Bocelli & Matteo Bocelli (Single)

Fall On Me EZ  Alison Johnstone (Nuline) & Joshua Talbot (Aus) November 2018

    16 拍数    4 墙数    Beginner   音乐: FALL ON ME - Andrea Bocelli & Matteo Bocelli (ANY VERSION) iTunes

Fall So Fast  Kerry Maus & Jo Thompson Szymanski – March 2019

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: Domino – ZZ Ward (Feat. Fitz) [2:50]


    32 拍数    4 墙数    beginner/intermediate   音乐: I Fall To Pieces by LeAnn Rimes

FALL TO PIECES  Julie Molkner

64 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate   音乐: I Fall To Pieces by LeAnn Rimes

Fall To Pieces  Diana Bishop – July 2018

    24 拍数    2 墙数    Beginner / Improver   音乐: I Fall To Pieces by LeAnn Rimes

Fall'in in Love  Sally Hung, Taipei, Taiwan (April 2015)

    64 拍数    4 墙数    Beginner   音乐: Fall'in In Love by Juice Newton

Fall....Back into My Heart  Christine Stewart (NZ) Aug

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: Bucket (Radio Edit) by Annah Mac (3:06) Album: Bucket (Radio Edit) - Single (iTunes)

Fallait pas  Hiroko Carlsson (Grafton, Australia) May 2018

    64 拍数    2 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: Fallait pas / Marwa Loud - iTunes

FALLEN  Dave & Jane Gibson

0 拍数    1 墙数    intermediate/advanced   音乐: Fallen by Lauren Wood

FALLEN  Robert Lindsay

32 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate   音乐: Fallen by Brushwood

Fallen  Iwan Irawan Loebis (IWANNA) & Deshimona (MLD) INA – Oct 2012

    32 拍数    2 墙数    High Beginner / Intermediate   音乐: Fallen by Lauren Wood

Fallen  Marie Sørensen (Sunshine Cowgirl) - DK - Oct 2012

    32 拍数    2 墙数    Beginner   音乐: "Fallen" by Kel Britton

Fallen  Imma Grobbelaar (May 2014) South Africa

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Intermediate - Non-Country Cha Cha   音乐: Fallen by Lauren Wood

Fallen (Fr)  Marie Sørensen (Sunshine Cowgirl) - DK - Oct 2012

    32 拍数    2 墙数    débutant   音乐: Fallen - Kel BRITTON - BPM 132/ECS Binaire

FALLEN 4 U  Eric Tan

32 拍数    4 墙数    beginner/intermediate   音乐: Fallen by Lauren Wood

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