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FADED MEMORY  Stephen Sunter

32 拍数    0 墙数       音乐: Who Needs Pictures by Brad Paisley

Faded Under The Sea  Aiden Fryer ( UK) Jan 2017

    32 拍数    4 墙数       音乐: Faded - Alan Walker

Fading  Dirk Leibing – January 2019

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Improver   音乐: Fading by Alle Farben & ILIRA

Fading Light  Andrus Lippmaa - Sept 2016

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Intermediate / Advanced NC2S   音乐: Fading Light (Piano Jam 2) by Kygo ft. Marie.Bel

Fading Lights  Kate Sala (UK) Dec 2013

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Easy Improver Cha Cha   音乐: 'Little by Little' by Billy Bubba King

Fading Like A Flower  Sascha Wolf (Stuttgart - Germany) July 2017

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Beginner / Improver Cha Cha   音乐: Fading like a Flower - Roxette (3:51 Minutes)

Fading to Grey  Rep Ghazali-Meaney, Scotland (Aug 2013)

    48 拍数    2 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: Breathe by Backstreet Boys (106 bpm)

FAHRENHEIT  Angie Shirley

32 拍数    4 墙数       音乐: Return To Sender by The Linebackers

Fahrenheit  Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactoryUK, Oct 2010

    64 拍数    2 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: Fahrenheit by Joe McElderry - 116bpm (3:36) CD: Wide Awake

Fahrenheit  Robert Lindsay (Scotland)

    64 拍数    4 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: Fahrenheit by Joe McElderry. Album: Wide Awake

FAINT  Kash Bane

32 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate   音乐: Faint by Linkin Park

FAIR PLAY (WALKER)  Wartan Jemian & Deloris Reynolds

40 拍数    2 墙数    beginner   音乐: The Rest Is History by LeAnn Rimes

Fair Warning  Rob Fowler – Oct. 2015

    64 拍数    4 墙数    Improver / Novice   音乐: Every Time I Drink I Fall in Love - Toby Keith

Fair Weather Fun  Ed Evangelista (November 2017)

    32 拍数    4 墙数    High Beginner   音乐: Wayfarer Weather by Chase Bryant

Fairplay  Kim Ray (England)

    48 拍数    2 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: Fairplay by Beverley Knight [CD: Soul UK] 102 bpm

FAIRY TALE  The Lady In Black

48 拍数    2 墙数    intermediate   音乐: Fairy Tale by Toni Braxton

FAIRY TALE  Jennifer Choo Sue Chin

    32 拍数    4 墙数    beginner/intermediate nightclub   音乐: Tong Hua by Guang Liang

Fairy Tale  Maria Tao, USA (July 2012)

    32 拍数    2 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: Fairy Tale (Chuan Qi) by Li Jian


32 拍数    4 墙数    intermediate   音乐: It's Midnight Cinderella by Garth Brooks


    32 拍数    4 墙数    beginner/intermediate   音乐: My Old Love In New Mexico by Holly Dunn

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