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Humanised  Ingrind Kan (Tw) Feb 2013

    40 拍数    4 墙数    High Beginner   音乐: Humanised (feat. Bajka)" by Sola Rosa

Humble & Kind  Michael O'Shea – Ireland – Aug 2016

    48 拍数    4 墙数    Intermediate waltz   音乐: 'Humble & Kind' by Tim McGraw

Humble and Kind  Darren Bailey – Jan. 2016

    96 拍数    2 墙数    Low Intermediate   音乐: Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw

Humble and Kind  Laura Alberico (April 2016)

    48 拍数    2 墙数    Improver   音乐: Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw. Album: Damn Country Music (deluxe edition)

Humble And Kind  Gail Smith - February 2016

    48 拍数    2 墙数    Intermediate waltz   音乐: Humble And Kind by Tim McGraw

Humble and Kind  Beth Freeland – July 2016

    48 拍数    2 墙数    Beginner   音乐: Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw

Humble and Kind  Karolina Ullenstav (February 2017)

    48 拍数    4 墙数    Novice - waltz   音乐: Tim McGraw "Humble and Kind" - BPM 151

Humble And Kind (EZ)  Bill Larson, May 2016

    48 拍数    4 墙数    Easy Intermediate waltz   音乐: "Humble and Kind" by Tim McGraw. CD: Damn Country Music 4:20 (150 BPM)

Humble And Kind (Fr) (P)  Agnes Gauthier (Août 2016)

    48 拍数    1 墙数    Novice facile - Country Waltz Dance Partner    音乐: Humble and Kind de Tim McGraw

Humble and Kind!  Stephen Paterson, Victoria, Australia, 1/2016

    48 拍数    4 墙数    Intermediate waltz   音乐: Humble and Kind, by Tim McGraw. Album: Damn Country Music, iTunes (4:20) 150 bpm

Humble and Kinder Waltz  Carole Daugherty - March 2016

    48 拍数    2 墙数    Novice waltz   音乐: Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw, (4:17) Damn Country Music Cd

Humble Life  Kim Liebsch (Denmark) March 2018

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Intermediate   音乐: Life by Isam B (3:28)

Humbles You Down  Linda McCormack, May 2015

    48 拍数    4 墙数    High Intermediate waltz   音乐: 'Life Has A Way' - Anthony Hamilton (iTunes)

HUMDINGER  David Cheshire

64 拍数    2 墙数    beginner/intermediate   音乐: Tore Up From The Floor Up by Wade Hayes

HUMDINGER  The Girls (Maureen & Michelle Jones)

0 拍数    2 墙数    intermediate   音乐: You're a Hum-dinger by BR5-49

0 拍数    0 墙数       音乐: 18 Wheels And A Crowbar by BR5-49

Humilde  Rosseta d'ULD Kota Yogya, Indonesia (December 2019)

    32 拍数    2 墙数    Beginner   音乐: Michel Telo – Humilde Residencia

Hummingbird  Linda Pink L.V Country Line Dancers, Latrobe Valley, Victoria - January 2020

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Improver   音乐: Hummingbird By: Brett Kissel. Album: Now or Never

Humor Is The Best Gift   Janet (Zhen Zhen) Ge & Tracy Xu & Elaine Shen (China) June 2016

    32 拍数    4 墙数    Low Intermediate   音乐: Extra Large Shoes by Jay Chou

HUMP DE BUMP  Phillip Perce

32 拍数    1 墙数    intermediate   音乐: Hump De Bump by The Red Hot Chili Peppers