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East Bound & Truckin

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Andrew Blackwood (Feb 08)
East Bound & Down by The Road Hammers
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Start on vocals

Rock, recover, cross shuffle, rock, turn, shuffle
1-2-3&4 Rock R to right, recover on to L, cross shuffle R, L, R
5-6-7&8 Rock L to left, recover with ¼ turn right onto R ft, shuffle forward L, R, L (3.00)

Kick ball touch (x2), ½ pivot turns (x2)
1&2 Kick R ft forward, step R beside L, touch L to L
3&4 Kick L ft forward, step L beside R, touch R to R
5-6-7-8 Step R ft forward, ½ pivot turn to L (repeat) (3.00)

Chasse, rock, recover, turn, turn, cross shuffle
1&2-3-4 Chasse to the Right, rock L behind R, recover
5-6-7&8 Turning ¼ right step back on L, turning ¼ turn right step R to side, cross shuffle L, R, L (9.00)

Heel digs, pivot turn, stomp, stomp & clap
&1&2 Step R ft back, L heel dig forward 45? lef t, step L ft beside R, step R across L
&3&4 Step L ft back, R heel dig forward 45? right, step R ft beside L, step L across R
5-6-7-8 Step R ft forward, ½ pivot turn left, stomp R ft forward, STOMP L ft beside R & CLAP. (3.00)

Restart from the beginning

TAG: 4 counts (AFTER 8th wall, facing front 2nd time round)
1-2-3-4 Rock R to right, recover onto L, step R beside L, hold and clap.

ENDING (Wall 11 facing back wall)
1-2-3&4 Rock R to right, recover with ¼ turn left onto L, shuffle forward R, L, R
5-6-7-8 Turning ¼ left step L ft forward bending at knees, slowly recover weight to R foot while straightening, while R arm circles in time with the music


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