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Hab Dich Vermisst

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Beginner / Intermediate
Funny Liners (Nov 2014)
Hab dich vermisst by Styrina ( CD Manchmal k├Ânnt ich dich....!)
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Reference: Note the dance begins with the use of the song

Locking Shuffle Forward R + L, Step, Pivot 1/2 L, Shuffle Forward
1&2RF diagonally in front of right, LF behind the RF, RF diagonally in front of RF
3&4LF diagonally in front of left, RF behind the LF, LF diagonally in front of LF
5,6RF step forward, 1/2 turn left
7&8Step right forward, LF beside right, step right forward

1/2 Turn R, 1/2 Turn R, Shuffle Forward, Rock, Side, Shuffle Across
1,21/2 turn right, step left back,1/2 turn right, step right forward
3&4LF step forward, RF recover to LF, LF step forward
5,6RF step to the right, recover on LF
7&8RF crosses in front of LF, LF, step to the left, RF crosses in front of LF

Side, Rock, Sailor Step Turning 1/4 L, Heel & Touch-1/4 Turn L-Touch & Heel &
1,2LF step to the left, recover on RF
3&4LF crosses behind the RF, 1/4 turn left, RF to the LF, step forward on left (3:00)
5&Right heel touch forward, RF to the LF
6&Left toe to RF, 1/4 turn left, LF to the RF
7&Right toe to LF, RF to the LF
8&Touch left heel forward, LF to the RF

Rock Forward, Coaster Step, Touch Behind, Pivot 1/2 L, Kick-Ball-Change
1,2RF step forward, recover on LF
3&4RF step back, LF recover to RF, RF step forward
5,6Touch left toe behind right heel, 1/2 turn left, ***
7&8RF kick forward, RF to the LF, LF step on space
Restart: Dance end of 4.wall

Rocking Chair, Step, Pivot 1/2 L 2x
1,2RF step forward, recover on LF
3,4RF step back, recover on LF
5,6RF step forward, 1/2 turn left (6:00)
7,8RF step forward, 1/2 turn left (12:00)

Rocking Chair, Side, Scuff R + L
1,2RF step forward, recover on the LF
3,4RF step back, recover on the LF
5,6RF step to right, LF scuff forward
7,8LF step to left, RF scuff forward

(Ending: 30 counts; right foot cross over left foot and pose)***


( 03:18:54)

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