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Lana Wilson (USA) Sept 08
Country Conscience by Doug Supernaw (CD: You Still Got Me [122bpm])
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Intro: 16 intro, start on the "night" syllable as he sings "tonight".

Kick Fwd, Walk Back, Touch Back, Walk Fwd
1 Kick R forward
2-4 Walk back R, L, R
5 Touch L back
6-8 Walk forward L, R, L

Charleston, Modified Jazz 1/4 Turn
9-10 Kick R forward, step R back
11-12 Touch L back, step L forward
13-14 Kick R forward, cross step R over L
15-16 Step L back, turn 1/4 right stepping R to right side

Cross Shuffle, Side, Close X2
17&18 Cross step L over R, step R slightly right, cross step L over R
19 Step R slightly forward and to right side
20 Slide and step L beside R
21&22 Cross step R over L, step L slightly left, cross step R over L
23 Step L slightly forward and to left side
24 Slide and step R beside L
(Note, 17-24: This set of 8 will move a bit forward)

Fwd Rock, Recover Shuffle 1/2 Turn, 1/2 Pivot, 1/2 Pivot
25-26 Rock forward on L, recover back on R
27&28 Shuffle LRL turning 1/2 left
29-30 Step R forward, pivot 1/2 left weight on L
31-32 Step R forward, pivot 1/2 left weight on L
Option, 29-32: Rock R forward, recover on L, Rock R back, recover on L

Begin Again

TAG: On 5th pattern (12:00), dance the first 8 counts twice (16 counts total) and then restart the dance. You will be doing the first 8 counts 3 times….

ENDING: On 9th pattern (12:00), dance 1-16 but don't turn on count 16.

Note: The inspiration for this dance was an old dance called Red Dog, by the Whiskey River Dancers that we did many years ago. It was 42 counts and would not play well today with the odd count, but it was a fun dance and we did it in demos and classes. So this dance is kinda "the hair of the dog that bit me" so to speak… ( ;

Some of the steps in Red Dog have been used in this dance.

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