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Hair Toss

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Terri Martin - January 2020
Good As Hell by Lizzo feat. Ariana Grande (Remix/ Explicit)
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Can also be danced to a Clean Lyrics version available on YouTube: Good As Hell by Lizzo

Intro:16 Counts

(1-8) Hip Bumps, L ¼ turn with Kick, Coaster step, Side Rock Forward, Side Rock forward
1&2Hip Bumps R (1) then L (&). L ¼ turn stepping back on R with L Kick (2) (9 O’Clock)
3&4Step L back, step R next to L, Step L forward
5&6Side Rock R to R Recover on L, Step forward on R
7&8Side Rock L to L, Recover on R, Step forward on L (9 O’ clock)

(9-16) Sway R, L ¼ turn, Anchor step with Hitch, Prissy Step x 2, Side Rock, Recover, Cross
1-2Step R to R with Sway & Look to R (1), Pivot ¼ turn L with weight on L (2)(6 O’ Clock)
3&4Step R on ball of R behind L with L knee pop (3), transfer weight forward to L (&), step back on R and Hitch L knee (4)
5-6Prissy Walk L, Prissy Walk R
7&8Side Rock L to L (7), Recover R to R (&), Cross L over R (8) (Still Facing 6 O’ Clock)
Note: Restart here on Wall 2 ( 12 O’ Clock) & Wall 5 (6 O’ Clock)

(17-24) ¼ Turn R, Step Forward On L, Pivot ½ Turn to R, Step Forward on L, ½ turn L, 1/4 Turn L on L, Step R next L, Step L to L, Cross Rock R over L, Recover on L, step R to R
1-2&Step ¼ turn R on R (1), (9 O’Clock), Step forward on L (2), Pivot ½ to R on R (&) (3 O’Clock)
3-4Step Forward on L, L ½ Turn stepping back on R (9 O’ Clock)
5&6L ¼ Turn stepping L to L (5), step R next to L (&), L to L (6) (6 O’ Clock)
7&8Cross Rock R over L (7),Recover on L (&), step R to R (8) (6 O’ Clock)
Note: Restart here on Wall 3 with step change

(25-32) Rock Forward on L, R ¼ turn on R, Cross L over R, R Coaster Step, Step forward on L, R ¼ turn Sway R, Sway L
1-2-3Rock Forward on L (1), Recover on R making ¼ Turn to R (2), Cross L over R(3) (9 O’ Clock)
4&5Step back on R (4), Step L next to R(&), Step forward on R (5)
6-7-8Step Forward on L (6), L ¼ Turn stepping R to R with a Sway (7)( 6 O’ Clock), Step L to L with a Sway (8) (6 O’ Clock)

Note: Restart on Walls 2 (12 O’ Clock) & 5 (6 O’ Clock) at the end of the first 16 counts.
Restart on Wall 3 with step change: At the end of 24 counts, change counts 7&8 to cross rock on R, recover on L. The 7&8 count becomes a 7-8 count for this wall only. (6 O’clock)

TAG: 4 Count Tag End of Wall 7 facing 6 O’ Clock: Cross R over L, Unwind ½ turn to L
1-4Cross R over L (1) Unwind ½ Turn to L (2-3) with Weight ending on L(4)with L Hip bump. Begin dance again.

Ending on Wall 9: Dance ends after 8 counts. On count 8 cross L over R and unwind to front wall.
Dance should be sassy and full of attitude. Lots of places to add a “hair toss”.
Feel free to add your own style and have fun!

Thank you to Amy Willingham for dancing with me and helping me with the Restarts!
Thank you to Sue Larimar (a.k.a. West Coast Sue) for sending me this song and encouraging me to dance to it!


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