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Halfway There Cha

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Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick (TheDanceFactoryUK) – June 2019
Livin' On A Prayer – Bon Jovi
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#64 count intro once the beat kicks in approx. 45 secs in – 4mins 09secs – 123bpm
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[1-9] L side, R cross rock/recover, ¼ R cha, L fwd, ½ R pivot turn, L fwd cha
1-3Step L side, cross rock R over L, recover weight on L
4&5Turning ¼ right step R forward, step L together, step R forward (3 o’clock)
6-7Step L forward, pivot ½ right (9 o’clock)
8&1Step L forward, step R together, step L forward (extended 5th)

[10-17] ½ L & walk back 2, R coaster into 3 cross walks fwd, L side rock/recover, L cross step
2-3Turning ½ left step R back, step L back (3 o’clock)
4&5Step R back, step L together, cross walk R over L
6-7Cross walk L over R, cross walk R over L
8&1Rock L side, recover weight on R, cross step L over R
WALL 10: RESTART: During wall 10 which starts facing left wall, dance first 17 counts which takes you to front wall.
ADD 2 COUNTS as follows: Stomp R side, hold (weight on R) and begin the dance facing front wall

[18-25] R non-syncopated ½ box back, long step L, slide R into R back rock/recover, ¼ L chassé
2-4Step R side, step L together, step R back
5-7Step L side (dragging R towards L), rock R back, recover weight on L
8&1Step R side, step L together, ¼ left step R back

[26-32&] L back rock/recover, L fwd, ¼ L pivot turn, R cross step OR full turning L spiral, L chassé
(count 1 is the 3rd step of chassé)
2-3Rock L back, recover weight on R
4-6Step L forward, step R forward, pivot ¼ left (9 o’clock)
7Cross step R over L & hitch L whilst turning a full spiral turn L
Non-turning option: Cross step R over L
8&Step L side, step R together

TAG: At end of walls 4 & 8 facing front wall dance the following & begin dance again facing front:
[1-8] Step side L, sway hips diagonally R/L, R coaster cross, sway hips diagonally L/R, L side, R tog
1-3Step side L, sway R hip towards right diagonal, sway L hip back
4&5Step R back, step L together, cross step R over L
6-7Sway L hip towards left diagonal, sway R hip back
8&Step L side, step R together

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