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Rudy Honing ( NL ) May 2015
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Section 1 : Walk forward right/left. Right mambo forward. Walk back left/right. left coaster step.
1 - 2Walk forward on right. Walk forward on left
3&4Rock forward on right. rock back on left. Step back on right
5 - 6Walk back on left. Wak back on right
7&8Step back on left. step right next to left. Step left forward

Section 2 : Sway right/left. Chasse 1/4 turn to the right. Pivot 3/4 turn right. Sway left/right.
1 - 2Step right to the right side swaying hips right. Sway hips left
3&4Step right to the right side. Close left beside right. make 1/4 turn right stepping forward on right.
5 - 6Step forward on left. Pivot 3/4 turn right ( weight on right )
7 - 8Step left to left side swaying hips left. Sway hips right. ( facing 12 o clock )

Section 3 : Chasse 1/4 turn to left. Mambo right forward. 2 x sweeps back. left coaster step.
1&2Step left to the left side. Close right beside left. make 1/4 turn left stepping forward on left.
3&4Rock right forward. rock back on left. step back on right.
5 - 6Sweep left out and around stepping back on left. Sweep right out and around stepping back on right.
7&8Step left back. Step right next to left. Step left forward.

Section 4 : Toe - heel stomp right. Toe - heel stomp left. Shuffle 1/4 turn to the right. Shuffle 1/2 turn to the left.
1&2Touch right toe beside left with knee pointing toward left. Touch right heel forward with toe pointing outward. Stomp right in front of left.
3&4Touch left toe beside right with knee pointing toward right. Touch left heel forward with toepointing outward. Stomp left in front of right.
5&6Step right 1/4 turn to the right . Step left close to right. Step right forward.
7&8Turn 1/2 to the left and step on left. Step right close to left. Step left forward.

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